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The Institute Of Directors, a Society (National Level), registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, Regd. No S21169 / 1990

Many think and talk about changing the world. In the present turbulent times of failing & struggling corporate, wobbly economies, unprecedented climate change and rising market risks and insecurities, it becomes imperative to think of a sustainable corporate world. In the ultimate analysis, corporates are Vital partners in development. It has since grown manifold, bringing to focus and finding solutions to some of the most burning issues related to boardroom practices, Quality, Environment Good Governance, CSR, Sustainability, Climate Change and the development agenda that many groups and organizations now talk about.

IOD has over the years grown to associate with around 31,000 senior executives, representing prominent organizations from the private, public and government sectors India-wide, and now, increasingly, world-wide.

IOD was one of the first to think of enhancing Governance and Sustainability through a constructive engagement, focusing on a principle-based model of corporate governance that values 7Ds- Disruption of status quo, Dispersal of Authority, Diversity, Dissent, Dialogue, Disclosure and Directors’ training for the boards to lead the change. It espouses integrity, transparency and accountability, as the competitive differentiators. Every year, IOD holds a number of international conferences, on a diverse range of subjects from Corporate Governance, Sustainability, Leadership, Total Quality Management, Business Excellence, Boardroom Agenda, Competition Law, CSR, Environment and Climate change, as ways to reach out to the change makers & policy advisors.

IOD forums try to transform the corporate psyche by demonstrating how ethical, responsible, transparent and equitable agenda can become the competitive advantage. It has redefined Sustainability. The wide networking and extended dialogue opportunities that it’s national & international conferences held in India and abroad provide to the fraternity of business, industry and governments are valued most by the participants.

One of the prime initiatives of IOD has been the institution of Golden Peacock Awards for corporate leadership and institutional excellence which, over time, have become a hallmark of excellence, both locally and globally. Based on Internationally recognized criteria, the credibility of these awards lies in the transparency depth and impartiality of the assessment process. No other business Awards today receive the kind of recognition and adulation among peers that the Golden Peacock does. Justice P.N. Bhagwati, former Chief Justice of India and Chairman, UN Human Rights Commission has been the Chairman of the Golden Peacock Awards Committee and now former Judge Supreme Court of India, Justice (Dr) Arijit Pasayat is the Chairman of the Jury.

The Award applications are assessed at three levels, initially by independent assessors, then by an assessment board, and finally by a Grand Jury. The Global Awards are finalized by a Jury headed by Dr. Ola Ullsten, former Prime Minister of Sweden. These prestigious and coveted awards hold enormous significance for bringing about best practices-based competition among the industries, and ushering them into excellence. The Awards are now given in 13 functional areas, for Business Excellence, Quality, Environment, Innovation, Training, Governance, CSR and Risk Management & Sustainability. These have become the benchmarks for corporate excellence, attracting more than a thousand applications annually. These include some of the top Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Since 1990, the Institute of Directors has promoted International cooperation and awareness on boardroom through various international & national conferences, training programmes, and a wide range of publications, books, hand books, winners' digest and it’s in-house monthly journal-‘Quality Times’, which has since upgraded to ‘Directors Today’.

India's the new Company Law clearly lays down the mandate of having 33 to 50% independent directors on each listed company board. This highlights the urgency for trained and certified independent directors including women, ensuring can dour, transparency, equity, accountability, integrity and social responsibility in corporate decision-making. IOD 'Masterclass for Directors’ covers the training for corporate directorship to raise the standards of India’s boardroom functioning. The intense 3-day 'Masterclass' programme also prepares participants to be placed in the panel of Independent Directors. Moving from the personal development of Directors, IOD has now embraced boardroom development as a whole, for organization-wide transformation. IOD has by now trained thousands of senior corporate executives through courses, workshops, seminars and conferences, organized globally on Management, governance, environment and leadership. It has today impacted, where the change for betterment emanates from. It stands as an unparalleled catalyst in the process of innovation and leadership to face the turbulent business of tomorrow’s world.

This ability to successfully drive and deliver the change agenda is what sets IOD apart.

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  • To be a professionally cohesive fraternity of senior executives worldwide that can spearhead the change to a more Sustainable World.
  • To be a nodal organization for the Directors to fulfill their mentoring and leadership role in creating wealth and happiness for all stakeholders of the business and society at large.
  • To be an internationally-acknowledged body that fulfills both the professional and the career needs of corporate Directors, including Independent Directors.


To lead social, environmental and economic transformation, through visionary and holistic awareness of boardroom strategies and practices by focusing on issues of Good Governance, Transparency and Accountability for brand building and leadership.


IOD's Principal Objectives are:

  • Be the Apex association of Company Directors in India, reinforcing the business and industry commitment to Quality, Environment Management and Corporate Governance.
  • Provide information, advisory and consultative services on corporate issues – mainly Director Training, Boardroom practices, Corporate Governance, CSR, Quality and Sustainable Development – to industry, business and Government.
  • Promote international cooperation on all issues relating to good Boardroom practices, Corporate Governance, Quality, Environment, Sustainability and Director‘s Responsibilities.
  • Meet training needs and management of placement panels for Independent Directors.


IOD's Primary Role is two-fold :

Representational: Focusing on issues relating to corporate Directors (including Independent Directors), in government, public and private sectors, in appropriate fora.
Developmental: Professional development of Directors and honing their skills (including Independent Directors) and other top executives.

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