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Manoj K Raut


Dear Members,

It is a matter of great pleasure to present IOD's Annual Report for 2023-24, covering the activities of this Premier Global Network of Indian Corporate Directors. I am grateful to the IOD Governing Council for their guidance and support, and to our senior advisors and skilled staff, both at headquarters and regional offices, for their contribution. It is their contribution and passion for promoting the objectives of IOD that we have achieved highest outreach and financial turnover.

IOD has transformed at a rapid pace, continuously adopting and upgrading use of digital platform, thus modernising IOD's functioning and growth. Appreciating role of technology, IOD has advised (in its various programmes) the value of adopting Transformative Technologies by training and guiding the present and future directors.

IOD has undergone transformation to build a leading intellectual organisation which is far ahead of any other organisation in terms of building capacities of the Industry and the Directors.

I am delighted to inform that our International Conferences in London and Dubai as well as in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai attracted large participation in view of the topics and the experts addressing the conferences. Our regional offices also conducted Regional Conferences focusing on regional issues. IOD created a Model to ensure that experts from all over the world address on the latest topics, new business strategies and transformative technologies. Feedback from participants indicate that they had the opportunity for networking in the post covid period which has helped them for their future growth.

IOD has elevated its Brand through larger collaborative programmes, enshrined in MoUs; and also working with new organisations. Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, Will Power and Determination, Boldness and Courage were at the peak in the working of IOD staff. They have also reflected high level of interpersonal skills and professional competence and hard work.

IOD has focused on security of supply chains even in case of disruptions due to geopolitical actions like in the war between Russia and Ukraine, climate change effects and transformation due to shifting economies.

ESG has become a buzz word. Institutional investors have started getting vocal on the impact and the responsibilities of companies as well as nations on ESG issues. The concept of ESG has started taking wings and IOD has tackled this topic both in terms of realising the contributions of the companies through Golden Peacock Award and training the directors on ESG implementation.

Membership of IOD has increased significantly both in terms of Individual members as well as Institutional members. This has increased IOD's outreach and also reflects its acceptability in public domain.

IOD has also conducted a large number of Masterclass Courses and some new courses like Masterclass for Directors on ESG and Masterclass for Startup Professionals for Future Directors, Independent Directors; and specialised Masterclass Courses for large organisations like Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India Limited, Central Depository Services Limited, NTPC, NABARD, NAFPO, CIIIWN, LIC, HAL, IDBI, TE Connectivity and Synnex Business Media Pvt. Ltd. The training wing held dialogues with companies in different continents that are showing results in subsequent years.

The Golden Peacock Awards recognised outstanding achievers in 15 different categories through objectively assessed applications. Winning Golden Peacock Award has helped many companies to boost their business in India and Abroad. It is encouraging that higher number of companies are opting for GPA route for their image building.

Board Research and Advisory group conducted evaluation of boards and directors of a number of companies. The group has also published various handbooks.

The Events Team did organise all our events in India and abroad in a highly professional manner. Their effective handling and networking has created immense opportunities for our members and stakeholders to interact with one another.