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Elevating Boards Through Actionable Intelligence

Whether you are a non-profit, for-profit, or government entity; the decisions made by your board of directors can have a significant impact on the success and sustainability of your operations, and it is essential to ensure that your board has access to accurate and relevant information to support their decision-making.

IOD provides board research services to organisations of all sizes and industries. Our team of experienced researchers work closely with your board to identify the specific questions or issues that need to be addressed, and develop a comprehensive research plan to gather necessary information. We often do surveys which are an effective way to gather insights and opinions from a large and diverse group of stakeholders, including board members, employees, customers, and partners. Our research team designs surveys that are tailored to your organisation's specific needs, ensuring that you get the information you need to make informed decisions.

Reports / Surveys

Empowering board rooms with actionable insights for strategic success

The Global Modern Leadership Report<br/>IN COLLABORATION WITH DILIGENT

The Global Modern Leadership Report

This report delves into the multifaceted nature of boardroom diversity globally, examining critical dimensions such as gender, age and tenure, skill sets and expertise, race/ethnicity and nationality. This analysis aims to provide a current snapshot, enriching the dialogue around boardroom diversity and offering insights for ongoing discussions worldwide.

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Corporate Governance in India: Regulatory Push For Economic Growth<br/> in collaboration with NASDAQ

Corporate Governance in India: Regulatory Push For Economic Growth
in collaboration with NASDAQ

Keeping pace with developments at an international level, Indian institutions also established measures for rectifying corporate, social, and environmental inconsistencies. This whitepaper explores the history and effectiveness of these corporate governance measures as well as other emerging trends and ESG considerations that will help the nation rise economically, socially, and politically.

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Rethinking Risk For Future - An Indian Perspective<br/> in collaboration with ACCA

Rethinking Risk For Future - An Indian Perspective
in collaboration with ACCA

As organisations become more focused on building sustainable business models, boards must also consider their preparedness for a myriad risks affecting their organisation and industry. Thus, this report focuses on professionals’ crucial role in helping boards understand and navigate these inter connected and emerging risks in today’s more complex and uncertain world.

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Corporate fraud and misconduct:  Role of independent director<br/> in collaboration with DELOITTE

Corporate fraud and misconduct: Role of independent director
in collaboration with DELOITTE

This report offers an in-depth insight into the awareness in the Independent Directors’ (IDs) community on fraud, misconduct, and non-compliance, and their fiduciary responsibilities related to these. The insights in this report have been compiled Directors (IOD) to understand how IDs perceive corporate fraud, their based on a survey initiated by Deloitte in collaboration with the Institute of preparedness in addressing it, and the best practices to mitigate associated risks.

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The Role of Board In Managing Organisational Culture<br/> in collaboration with CULTURELYTICS

The Role of Board In Managing Organisational Culture
in collaboration with CULTURELYTICS

IOD and Culturelytics have collaborated on a 3-year Joint Research Study on 'Measuring Organisational Culture: Why it Matters to Boards’ to comprehend the current corporate culture, which is increasingly seen as a crucial factor in determining what drives business performance. Business leaders are also increasingly acknowledging the vital role of culture in Executing strategy and adapting to change

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ESG strategy and oversight in Indian boardrooms<br/> in collaboration with DILIGENT

ESG strategy and oversight in Indian boardrooms
in collaboration with DILIGENT

This report delves into the strategies, challenges, and evolving trends that organizations encounter as they strive to align with sustainable and socially responsible principles. It sheds light on the integration of ESG principles into corporate decision-making, providing valuable insights into the growing importance of sustainability, responsible governance. , and societal impact within the business world. Click here to view IOD’s Commentary on the global report on ESG.

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