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Welcome to the Future of Boardroom Discourse

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The ‘2024 Boardroom Webinar Series’ hosted by the Institute of Directors (IOD), is a four sessions series, each focused on a different issue, endeavor to serve as a platform for continuous learning, knowledge sharing, and innovation in corporate governance.

Due Diligence for IDs

18th July, 2024

Due diligence and effective governance frameworks for independent directors to enhance their efficacy in boardrooms

ESG & Net-Zero imperatives

22nd Aug, 2024

The business case for ESG integration and net-zero commitments, and approaches for mitigating climate-related risks and seizing green opportunities

AI & Cyber Security in Boardroom

19th Sep, 2024

The burgeoning AI & Cyber Security in Boardroom and its implications for shaping the future of corporate leadership and decision-making

Financial Literacy in Boardrooms

14th Nov, 2024

The need for financial fluency in boardrooms, its training for business leaders, and strategies for interpreting financial data and assessing financial health

IOD’s 2024 Boardroom Webinar Series will discuss the intricacies of due diligence and ESG, to the ability to leverage AI and finance in boardroom decision-making, each session promises to illuminate, inspire, and empower directors, senior executives and professionals.

It is curated keeping with the growing responsibilities of directors, senior executives & professionals. Across industries, there is a growing demand for enhanced corporate governance, integration of innovative technologies into boardroom strategies, accountable non-financial reporting to stakeholders, and comprehension of the financial landscape.

Today, policy-makers, regulators, and businesses are collectively focused on raising corporate governance benchmarks and collaboratively crafting frameworks to achieve this goal.

IOD welcomes all to be a part of these business discussions, supported by leading companies, and seasoned subject experts.

The series will take place from 18 July, 2024

First Webinar - Staying Vigilant: Due Diligence for Independent Director

This Webinar is designed to assist both aspiring and current Independent Directors in effectively fulfilling their roles and responsibilities. Understanding the organisational architecture is paramount for Independent Directors, and therefore, conducting a thorough due diligence of the organisation they are expected to join is of utmost importance. In today's landscape, where Independent Directors are seen as guardians of stakeholder interests, it is crucial to ensure their interests are also adequately protected.

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This Webinar will explore the imperatives for boards to integrate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations into their decision-making processes and embrace net-zero targets. As global awareness of ESG issues continues to rise, corporate boards are facing increasing pressure to integrate sustainability considerations into their strategic decision-making processes. In this light, this webinar aims to provide insights into the role of boards in driving sustainability initiatives and setting net-zero targets, as well as lead the conversation on practical tools and resources to effectively manage environmental risks and capitalise on green opportunities.

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Third Webinar - AI & Cyber Security in Boardroom

This Webinar aims to examine the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in enhancing boardroom decision-making and strategic planning. Artificial intelligence has the capacity to assist companies with strategic decision-making, risk management, performance optimization, governance and compliance, innovation, and transformation. In this era of information, when data reigns supreme, the ability of AI to leverage data and generate actionable insights is critical. As the use of AI in boards transforms all industries, the roles and responsibilities of board members' are also evolving. AI systems could blur the lines of responsibility and liability, requiring a new level of diligence and oversight. To accommodate AI-specific considerations, their governance frameworks must also be adapted.

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This Webinar aims at enhancing financial literacy among business leaders and board members to promote sound financial decision-making and governance. It seeks to equip business leaders and board members with practical tools and strategies for financial analysis and management, while also fostering a culture of financial transparency, accountability, and good governance within organisations and boardrooms.

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Join us in this invigorating IOD’s Boardroom Webinar Series 2024!

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