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IOD DataBank

IOD Directors Databank

A Repository of Members, Directors & Aspiring Directors interested in
taking up Board Positions or Advisory roles in any Industry.

Access to all the opportunities and support you need to get appointed- all at your fingertips and on one platform. We make it easy to start and develop a successful board career. Corporates also benefit from our platform, gaining privileged access to a pool of qualified directors. We bridge the gap between talent and organisations, creating a space where excellence meets opportunity. Discover the key to unlocking your boardroom potential. Join IOD Directors Databank and embark on a journey that propels both Directors and Corporations towards greater success in the boardroom.

The Databank serves as a targeted pool for scouting global top-tier talent for Boardroom positions.

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Empowering Leadership Futures:

Connecting Directors to Corporate Excellence.

What is IOD Directors Databank for Directors?

The IOD Directors Databank stands as a distinctive initiative spearheaded by the esteemed Institute of Directors, India, dedicated to curating an exclusive database encompassing Directors, Senior Executives, and Professionals actively seeking Board positions or Advisory roles in both listed and unlisted companies.

This innovative platform is tailored for individuals endowed with extensive experience, strategic insight, and a demonstrable track record of domain expertise. It serves as a nexus for professionals who aspire to expand their network, embark on fresh opportunities, and channel their wealth of knowledge into diverse industries.

Directors: Steps Towards Your Boardroom Journey:


Profile Creation
Craft a comprehensive profile highlighting your qualifications and experience.


Approval Process
Await approval after submitting your profile.


Commence Engagement
Upon approval, initiate your involvement by sharing insightful blogs and expanding your professional network.


IOD Notification
If your profile aligns with the any requirements, IOD will reach out to you


Meeting Arrangements
Coordinate with IOD for the scheduling of a formal meeting.

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Looking for Boardroom Expertise?

Find Your Ideal Director with Ease!

What is IOD Directors Databank for Corporates?

The IOD Directors Databank serves as a specialized repository for identifying distinguished global talent suitable for prominent Boardroom positions. It caters to the discerning needs of both Indian and Global corporations seeking to augment their leadership cadre with individuals demonstrating a unique amalgamation of skills, industry expertise, and a proven track record of effective governance.

This platform offers a refined and efficient mechanism for corporations to pinpoint and engage with potential directors who not only possess requisite competencies but also bring a wealth of experience to the table.

Corporates: Steps towards your Boardroom Recruitment:


Profile Completion
Develop a comprehensive profile showcasing your organisation's values and expectations.


Subscription Selection
Choose a suitable plan that aligns with your recruitment needs.


Profile Exploration
Explore potential candidate profiles to identify suitable matches.


Shortlisting & Contact Initiation
Narrow down your selection by shortlisting profiles that align with your criteria and begin the communication process with the selected candidate.


Meeting Coordination
Allow IOD to schedule a formal meeting to further evaluate candidates.

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