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Welcome to IOD Publications, your premier source for in-depth professional resources designed to empower and elevate the boardroom and director community. Our comprehensive portfolio of publications is carefully curated to refresh, develop, and update your business, management, and boardroom-related skills.

At IOD Publications, we go beyond merely providing information. We connect directors with board research, policy, and thought leadership, fostering a vibrant community that thrives on knowledge and continuous improvement. Our publications serve as your gateway to unlocking new perspectives, sharpening your decision-making abilities, and driving success in today's dynamic business landscape.

IOD continues to be at the forefront in driving industry and research-based Surveys and Reports, on topical subjects concerning boardroom functioning. IOD also publishes various other publications in the form of Conference Proceedings and Souvenirs.

IOD Publications portfolio includes:

  • IOD Handbooks: Dive into our extensive collection of more than 15 handbooks, condensed guides that cover a wide range of corporate functional areas crucial to the boardroom. These handbooks serve as invaluable resources, aiding in the enhancement of your knowledge and expertise in various aspects of corporate governance.
  • Director Today (DT): IOD's monthly corporate journal that covers the latest developments and news from the business and boardroom community. It covers various professional events, seminars and workshop, and includes articles and interviews from eminent industry and thought leaders.
  • Winners' Digest: Celebrate the success stories of leading corporates and the winners of the prestigious Golden Peacock Awards. Our annual publication, Winners' Digest, showcases exemplary achievements in each of the 15 functional areas recognized by the Golden Peacock Awards. Gain inspiration from these remarkable stories of excellence and learn from their innovative approaches.
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