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An opportunity to connect with Business Leaders & Board Experts by becoming a Member of IOD, India. We welcome you to explore the unique training and networking platforms developed by the Institute of Directors, India. IOD has over the years grown to associate with around 31,000 senior executives from Govt, PSU and Private organisations. IOD organises a number of international events each year, in India and certain other select countries at UK, UAE and Singapore.

Our invitations are sent out selectively to the upper echelon of global enterprises and I assure you that you will be networking with the movers and shakers of the business community through this exclusive Membership.


Steering the organizations towards a sustainable future has become more chal-lenging for Boards in the VUCA world. The roles, responsibility and accountability of directors towards corporate governance, and its stakeholders have increased manifold. Directors need to equip themselves with adequate knowledge, adaptability, legal and ethical dynamism, and demonstrate managerial ethics and standards.

Over the past three decades, IOD has grown from strength to strength; connecting executives from the private, public and govt domains in India and across the globe. Today IOD has a network of over 31,000 Senior Executives equipping each one of them with a range of resources, professional expertise and above all exposure to the unique global networking opportunities.

As an apex professional body for directors in India and world, it has a number of regional offices in India, and a few global liaison centres to offer platforms for learning, networking and exchange of ideas.

Annually, some of the Distinguished Leaders in India and abroad, persons of eminence are admitted / felicitated as ‘IOD Distinguished Fellows’ for their outstanding contribution to public service and society. Late Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, was felicitated with the 1st ‘IOD Distinguished Fellow’, in the year 1994, who later became the Hon’ble President of India.



To maintain & enhance professional skills & knowledge of Members in the field of Corporate Leadership & Governance.


To set, maintain and advise on regulatory compliances, to ensure professionalism among the directors.


To update and keep Members informed on relevant current Boardroom Practices, Laws, Rules and Court rulings.


To organize conferences, seminars and training programmes on corporate matters for updating & networking of directors.


To publish professional Books, Handbooks & other Literature on subjects of interest for directors.


To provide Corporate facilities and services for Members, including advisory information, and library etc.


To advance the professional interests of Members.

Institutional Members


Offers unparalleled networking opportunities and enjoy access to a range of special events, Members events, Seminars, Conferences organised in India and abroad. Also interact with top national & international directors, professionals, policy makers, etc. at Regular Discussion Forums

Join an apex professional association of Corporate Directors and Senior Executives in India and overseas, serving the Boardroom community over 30 years.

Keeps the Members updated with the latest national & international trends on boardroom issues, through national & global surveys and legal & statutory, regulatory board matters through various conventions and workshops on a diverse range of subjects organized in India and abroad.

Complimentary Registration for a number of IOD’s National Conferences (respective region members), Workshops and Lectures on a diverse range of subjects, when organised physically. For virtual programmes, it’s open to all.

Preferential Discount 15% for Annual Members on all Training and Professional Development programmes of IOD.

Member's name gets listed on IOD website and also gets printed in the monthly issue of 'Director Today'.

Free Subscription for 'Director Today' - a professional monthly journal of IOD (e-copy for Global Members).

All Members receive Welcome kit containing Membership Card and Certificate. (With validity period and non-transferable).

Special 15% Discount on purchase of all IOD Publications (Director's Handbooks, Winners' Digest, Conference Proceedings and Souvenirs etc.).

Members are entitled to use AM.IOD, M.IOD, F.IOD as applicable, after their name. ( as post-nominal).

Institutional Members get their organisations logo, listed on IOD website and also get printed in the monthly issue of ‘Director Today’.

Any other benefits, as announced by IOD, from time to time.

Additional Benefits for Life Members

Life Members receive free registration for one international conference abroad each year. Beyond that, they need to pay 50% of the registration fees for all other international conferences abroad. All conferences in India will be complimentary for all members.

Preferential Discount (30% for Life Members) on all Training and Professional Development programmes of IOD.

Life Members Profile with photograph (Individual & Institutional and their nominated executives) get published in “Director Today” (maximum 100 words), for each director in any one issue, and Life Members also get listed on IOD website.

Any Existing Member converting into Life Member would be entitled to avail 10% discount on Life Membership fee.

All senior citizens (60+) would enjoy 50% discount on the entrance fee and 25% discount on life membership fees (either of two or one to a max of 25% discount).

Special 25% Discount for all Women enrolling for Life Membership

Complimentary registration in IOD's specially designed portal - IOD Directors Databank to enhance your Directorship opportunities

Complementary set of 4 handbooks

Welcome Memento to Life Member

Institutional Life Members (per Institution /Company) can download upto 50 CVs (Free of charge) per year for short listing candidates as IDs on their respective Boards.

Special 20% Discount on Board & Director’s Performance Evaluation and Corporate Governance Compliance services rendered by IOD's Board Research and Advisory.

Life Member (Individual and Institutional) can share their recent achievements in our members column in Director's Today

Life Members may contribute articles for 'Director Today' and for Conference Proceedings Books (when published), subject to acceptance of the Editorial Board

Special 25% Discount on purchase of all IOD Publications (Director's Handbooks, Winners' Digest, Conference Proceedings and Souvenirs etc.).

All super-senior citizens (80+) would enjoy 50% discount on the entrance fee and 50% discount on life membership fees.

Felicitation programme for Institutional Life Members held annually.

(PS.: Membership Fee as laid down is statutory by the IOD Governing Council & MoA;
One of the above discounts will be applicable. Incremental discounts are not offered as per standard IOD policy.)

There are 2 types of Membership




    Associate Member : (Associate Members are entitled to use the following post-nominals (letters used after their full name) AM.IOD)

    To qualify as an Associate Member, the applicant must hold a graduate degree or an equivalent qualification from an officially recognized university. In addition to the educational requirements, the applicants must possess additional professional or management qualifications and should have a working experience of 10 years, those shall serve as a testament to the applicant’s dedication and commitment towards professional growth. The applicant must have a proven track record of working experience in senior managerial positions, in managing teams, making strategic decisions, and driving organizational success.


    Member : (Members are entitled to use the following post-nominals (letters used after their full name) M.IOD)

    To qualify as a Member, in addition to the requirements to be an "Associate Member", the applicant must be holding a senior management position in any business, industry, or government organization or held in the past. This position should be equivalent to a director role or a KMP (Key Managerial Position), which shall be reflecting in his/her expertise, leadership, and influence within the respective fields. To further strengthen its eligibility, applicant must have a minimum of ten years of additional experience (in total min 20 years) in the senior management position. It’s also desirable, the applicant to have a Director Identification Number (DIN) or have obtained a Certified Corporate Directorship from IOD. Company Secretaries. Chartered Accountants and Management Accountants, Practicing Lawyers, individual Business advisors/ consultants or any equivalent are exempted from 10 years additional experience.


    Fellow : (Fellows are entitled to use the following post-nominals (letters used after their full name) F.IOD)

    To qualify as a Fellow, one must satisfy certain additional requirements other than a ‘Member’, to set the bar higher for recognition and distinction. Fellowship represents the highest level of achievement within its Membership structure. In addition to the ‘Member’ category, to qualify as a Fellow, the applicant must be holding a director position in any public listed organization or was holding Directorship earlier for a minimum period of three years. The eligibility for Fellowship, also extends to current KMPs of such entities, as notified by SEBI Securities Contracts (Regulation) (Stock Exchanges and Clearing Corporations) (Amendment) Regulations, 2023. Alternatively, any applicant who is a promoter or owner of a business enterprise having more than 10cr annual turnover. Central Government Service holders or Jurists or Academic Institution Heads or Country Head of largest listed global companies or any equivalent are exempted from this criterion.

Note: Selection of Individual membership category is the sole discretion of the membership committee of IOD.




    Start-up & Small Enterprises : (Annual Turnover below 25 crores, in INR)

    Small Enterprises are entitled to nominate upto 2 Sr. executives, as Members, who could be replaced, as and when required. Benefits will apply only to the nominated 2 Members.


    Medium Enterprises : (Annual Turnover between 25 - 250 crores, in INR)

    Medium Enterprises are entitled to nominate upto 3 Sr. executives, as Members, who could be replaced, as and when required. Benefits will apply only to the nominated 3 Members.


    Large Enterprises : (Annual Turnover above 250 crores, in INR)

    Large Enterprises are entitled to nominate upto 4 Sr. executives as Members, who could be replaced by the organisation, as and when required. Benefits will apply only to the nominated 4 Members.

Institutional Members, January 2024

TRC Corporate Consulting Pvt. Ltd., Gurugram
Mr. Ankit Chadha, Mr. Sagar Chatterji

Mr. Ankit Chadha

Managing Director

Mr. Sagar Chatterji

Associate Director

Micro Labs Limited, Bengaluru
Mr. Dilip Surana, Mr. Anand Surana, Mr. Badarinath K. Ibrampur, Mr. Prasad Mullapudi

Mr. Dilip Surana

Chairman & MD

Mr. Anand Surana

Whole-Time Director

Mr. Badarinath K. Ibrampur

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Prasad Mullapudi

Company Secretary

Exide Industries Limited, Kolkata
Mr. Jitendra Kumar, Mr. Mohammad Tamim

Mr. Jitendra Kumar

Company Secretary and President - Legal & Corporate Affairs

Mr. Mohammad Tamim

General Manager - TQM

Data Patterns (India) Limited, Chennai
Mr. Venkata Subramanian Venkatachalam

Mr. Venkata Subramanian Venkatachalam

Chief Financial Officer

Life Members, January 2024

Mr. Ovais Sarmad

Mr. Ovais Sarmad, F.IOD

former Deputy Executive Secretary/Assistant Secretary-General
United Nations Climate Change Secretariat (UNFCCC)

Mr. Shaillender Mittal

Mr. Shaillender Mittal, F.IOD

SVP and Head - IT Procurement
RBL Bank Limited

Mr. Akil A. Hirani

Mr. Akil A. Hirani, F.IOD

Managing Partner
Majmudar & Partners

Lt. Gen. Rajeev Sirohi

Lt. Gen. Rajeev Sirohi, F.IOD

former Military Secretary
Indian Army

Dr. Surinder Kumar Bansal

Dr. Surinder Kumar Bansal, M.IOD

Vice President - Engineering
InterGlobe Aviation Limited (Indigo)

Ms. Nidhi Kadam

Ms. Nidhi Kadam, M.IOD

Senior Vice President
Citi India

Ms. Kavita Jadeja

Ms. Kavita Jadeja, M.IOD

Sustainability & Sustainable Finance Professional

Mr. Varun Batra

Mr. Varun Batra, M.IOD

Independent Director
Rain Industries Limited

Mr. Anuraag Rai Kochhar

Mr. Anuraag Rai Kochhar, M.IOD

Technical Advisor
Webenza India Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Swapnil Madhavrao Mane

Dr. Swapnil Madhavrao Mane, M.IOD

Founder and President
Dr. Mane Medical Foundation and Research Center

Mr. Harish G. Kamat

Mr. Harish G. Kamat, M.IOD

Country Head
NetObjex (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Members, January 2024

Mr. Pankaj Narain, F.IOD

Management Consultant

Mr. Shatarchi Varma, M.IOD

National Sales Head - Air Coolers
V-Guard Industries Limited

Ms. Karthika Nair, M.IOD

Non-Executive Director
BDH Industries Limited

Mr. Nagarjuna Reddy Aturi, M.IOD

Executive Director and Co-founder
Sai Nidhi Telecommunications Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Chellappa Sriram, M.IOD

Nihon Global Gateway Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Pranil Prabhakar Bhate, M.IOD

Former Chief Manager - Projects Gas
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Mr. Siddarth Baliga, M.IOD

Vice President

Mr. Zulfiquar Memon, M.IOD

Managing Partner

Mr. Akhil Teja Erubothu, M.IOD

Independent Director

Mr. Channapragada Ramachandra Rao, M.IOD

Business Head
Evergreen Seamless Pipes And Tubes Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Sanjeev Rastogi, M.IOD

Partner and Head - Capability Enhancement Centers
Deloitte Shared Services LLP

Mr. Venkateshwara Swamy Kadem, M.IOD

Proarch IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Sivakumar V, M.IOD

General Manager - Facilities Management
Ford Motor Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Sankaralingam A, M.IOD

Additional Director - Sugar Department
Co-optex, Government of Tamilnadu undertaking

Mr. Rohit Chopra, M.IOD

Chief Operating Officer
Times Innovative Media Limited

Mr. Andrew James Cole, M.IOD

Managing Director
Micronclean India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Samir Vijay Limaye, M.IOD

Wimco Limited

Mr. Nihar Patnaik, M.IOD

Program Manager
TEKsystems Global Services in India

Mr. Dependra Mathur, M.IOD

Vice President and Head - Human Resource Development Units
Infosys BPM Limited

Mr. Sarvottam Rege, M.IOD

Cost Management Accountant
Sarvottam Rege & Associates

Mr. Rahul Shreedhar Dudhade, M.IOD

Director General Manager
Northern Marine Management (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Rashmi Hemant Ghude, M.IOD

Chief Executive Officer
Kushal CREDAI Pune Metro

Mr. Sunil Suresh Agarkar, M.IOD

Designated Partner
LexStreet Advisors LLP

Mr. Shrikant Vasant Kher, M.IOD

former Director
The Shipping Corporation of India Limited

Dr. Senthilnathan Ulaganathan, M.IOD

Environment and Sustainability Specialist
Tata Projects Limited

Mr. Amit Ghosh, M.IOD

former Chief Financial Officer
Tata Steel (Thailand) Plc.

Mr. Chander Prakash Mannar, M.IOD

3ESS Enterprises

Mr. Venugopal Rajamanuri, M.IOD

Independent Consultant - Corporate Trainer

Dr. Alok Sharma, M.IOD

Director - Renal Pathology & TEM
Dr. Lal PathLabs Limited
New Delhi

Dr. Jose A. V., M.IOD

Vice President
ESAF Small Finance Bank Limited

Mr. Sristiraj Ambastha, M.IOD

Executive Director
ECGC Limited

Mr. Trushar Barot, M.IOD

India Lead - Integrity Partnerships

Mr. Sandeep Sadashiv Deshpande, M.IOD

Non-Executive Director
Linc Digital System Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Maithilee Shirgaonkar Jamsandekar, M.IOD

Executive Partner
Thoughtworks Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Arwa Fawzan Husain, M.IOD

Adfactors PR Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Shailesh Damodar Punse, M.IOD

Independent Consultant

Ms. Sanjyot Ashish Joshi, M.IOD

IndStrat International Consultants LLP

Ms. Geeta Kanupillai, M.IOD

Vrbage Promotions

Mr. Praveen Kumar Sattarapu, M.IOD

Independent Consultant

Dr. Allen Baby, M.IOD

Chief Learning Officer
Emirates Institute of Finance (EIF)

Mr. Anand Rengasamy, M.IOD

Founder Chief Executive Officer
Analytics Spire

Mr. Vijayakumar Radhakrishnan, M.IOD

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
Indian Bank Limited

Mr. Ramakrishnan Ramanathan, M.IOD

Independent Consultant

Ms. Nandini Vijayaraghavan, M.IOD

Director and Team Head - Research
Korea Development Bank

Ms. Richa Tiwari, M.IOD

Legal Fellow

Mr. Sam Kalathra Issac, M.IOD

Chief Financial Officer
Air Niugini

Dr. V. B. N. H. Saroja Achanta, M.IOD

Zorvy Digital Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Kush Srivastava, M.IOD

Senior Principal Consultant

Mr. Murali Mohan, M.IOD

former CFO & COO
Arabian International Healthcare Holding Company (Tibbiyah Holding)
Saudi Arabia

Mr. Srinivasa Gopalan Lakshmi Narayanan, M.IOD

Independent Consultant

Mr. Chetan Suresh Velhankar, M.IOD

General Manager
Scan-IT Solution (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Gowri Raju, M.IOD

Independent Consultant - Communication

Mr. Rajiv Desai, M.IOD

Associate Vice President
Tata Communications Limited

Mr. Konakanhi Ramachandra Murthy, M.IOD

Senior President- Head IMG
Yes Bank Limited

Mr. Santosh Krishna Bhosle, M.IOD

Human Resources Strategy Advisor
Sapience Consulting Pte. Ltd.

Mr. Nilesh Shyam Borgharkar, M.IOD

Senior Vice President
People Interactive (I) Pvt. Ltd. (

Mr. Vinay Kumar, M.IOD

C2C Organizational Development Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Paresh Marrott, M.IOD

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Girishkumar R. Pillai, M.IOD

Chief Technology Officer
Audix Techno Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Prince Augustin, M.IOD

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Behavioural Insights and Transformation Partners LLP

Dr. Hema Babar, M.IOD

Deputy General Manager
Wockhardt Hospitals Limited

Mr. Ramesh Narayanaswamy, M.IOD

Chief Technology Officer
Aditya Birla Capital Limited

Ms. Anjana Amitabh Ghosh, M.IOD

Chief Executive Officer
Xotik Frujus Pvt. Ltd.

Col. Vipin Kumar Bhatnagar, M.IOD

Program Director
Tata Advanced Systems Limited

Ms. Prachi Mohapatra, M.IOD

Business Head
Disney Star (Star India Pvt. Ltd.)

Mr. Rishi Tanna, M.IOD

Director - Communications, Brand, CSR and DEI
TIAA Global Capabilities Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Suresh Balakrishnan, M.IOD

Independent Risk Management and Transfer Advisor
STORM Guidance (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Usha Marathe, M.IOD

Associate Director
Capgemini Technology Services India Limited

Ms. Richa Mukherjee, M.IOD

Director - Public Policy & Corporate Affairs
PayU Payments Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Urvashi Devidayal, M.IOD

Senior Advisor
India Climate Collaboration

Ms. Roli Singh, M.IOD

former Head Human Resources
Tata Cancer Care Foundation

Mr. Santosh Ramesh Patil, M.IOD

Associate Vice President
Indian Register of Shipping

Ms. Arti Sanganeria, M.IOD

Minosha India Limited

Mr. Suyash Saraogi, M.IOD

President Strategy & Projects
APAR Industries Limited

Mr. Kishore Devraj Shah, M.IOD

Chief Executive Officer
ESDS Software Solution Limited

Mr. Pravin Chandrashekhar Sekhar, M.IOD

General Manager - Melamine
Hamilton Housewares Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Alka Murli, M.IOD

iReach Consultants

Mr. Manoj Dhiman, M.IOD

Country Head
Protera Technologies Inc.

Dr. Archana Upadhyay, M.IOD

Chief Human Resource Officer
Hindustan Colas Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Manoj Gupta, M.IOD

Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary
Hindustan Colas Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Sanjay Malhotra, M.IOD

Chief Executive Officer and Director
Hindustan Colas Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Amit P. Gurnani, M.IOD

Senior Vice President
Sterling Information Resources India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Ram, M.IOD

General Manager
Bank of India Limited

Mrs. Suvadarsini Debata, M.IOD

Senior Vice President
Duerkopp Adler - Turel Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Kuldeep Jindal, M.IOD

General Manager
Bank of India Limited

Mr. Waran Subramani, M.IOD

Cyllpharm Pte. Ltd.

Mr. Kiran Arvind Belsekar, M.IOD

Executive Vice President
Aegon Life Insurance Company Limited

Mr. Ramaswamy Narayanan, M.IOD

Independent Director
ECGC Limited

Mr. Anil Tukaram Lakhan, M.IOD

former Chief Executive Officer
Supreme Pharma Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Paolomi Kalpraj Dharamshi, M.IOD

Minosha India Limited

Mr. Alok Kumar Pal, M.IOD

Director - Human Resources
Odisha Mining Corporation Limited

Mr. Avinash Tukaram Sanas, M.IOD

Chief Executive Officer
Swati Spentose Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Ramavallabhan Venkatavaradan, M.IOD

Management & Technical Advisor
JVR Consultants

Mr. Praveen Krishna, M.IOD

Head - Communication & Lead
Sify Technologies Limited

Mr. Raghunath Venkatagiri Chellappan, M.IOD

Swelect Energy Systems Limited

Mr. Sridhar Vaidyanathan, M.IOD

Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Gowrishankar R., M.IOD

Senior General Manager
Megawin Switchgear Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Mirunalini Venkatagiri Chellappan, M.IOD

Swelect Energy Systems Limited

Mr. Anand Raghavan, M.IOD

Amar Metering Pumps

Mr. Bolewar Babu, M.IOD

General Manager
Armoured Vehicles Nigam Limited

Mr. Thiruman Archunan, M.IOD

Director - Projects
Chennai Metro Rail Limited

Mr. Murali Ranganathan, M.IOD

Chief General Manager - Finance & Accounts
Chennai Metro Rail Limited

Mr. Mani N. R., M.IOD

Head - Corporate Investor Relations
Lucas TVS Limited

Mr. Peter Langford, M.IOD

Avironix Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Rekha A. P., M.IOD

Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Preetha Balan, M.IOD

Vice President
Swelect Energy Systems Limited

Ms. Aarthi Balan, M.IOD

Vice President
Swelect Energy Systems Limited

Mr. Abhishek Mahendra Jain, M.IOD

Sapphire Metal Solutions LLP

Mr. Ganesan Anandhan, M.IOD

Senior Director
Eurofins IT Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Rajesh Chaturvedi, M.IOD

Director - Systems & Operations
Chennai Metro Rail Limited

Ms. Sushmita A. J., M.IOD

Assistant General Manager - Real Estate Acquisition
Awfis Space Solutions Ltd.

Mr. S. Siddique Sulaiman, M.IOD

General Manager
Armoured Vehicles Nigam Limited

Mr. Harekrishna Behera, M.IOD

General Manager
Armoured Vehicles Nigam Limited

Dr. R. Srinivasan, M.IOD

General Manager
Armoured Vehicles Nigam Limited

Mr. Ajay T., M.IOD

Managing Director
TN Apex Skill Development Center for Banking Financial Services & Insurance

Mr. Sai Sumanth Battepati, M.IOD

Director and Chief Mentor
TN Apex Skill Development Center for Banking Financial Services & Insurance

Mr. T. Livingstone Eliazer, M.IOD

Chief General Manager
Chennai Metro Rail Limited

Mr. Nijo Alukaren, M.IOD

Director - Revenue Assurance
Teknowsource Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Ramesh N.G.S., AM.IOD

former Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer
Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited

Fellow Life Members, F.IOD

A. R. Shankar

A. R. Shankar, F.IOD

Senior VP - Finance
Sterling information Resources India Pvt. Ltd.

Abhijit Sanzgiri

Abhijit Sanzgiri, F.IOD

Transaction Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

Adayapalam Viswanathan

Adayapalam Viswanathan, F.IOD

Chartered Accountant
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP

Alessandro Giuliani

Alessandro Giuliani, F.IOD

Managing Director
SDA Bocconi Asia Center, Mumbai

Alfred Tuinman

Alfred Tuinman, F.IOD

Our Man In India, Aldona

Anjani K. Agrawal

Anjani K. Agrawal, F.IOD

Partner, Global Industry Leader
Ernst & Young LLP, Mumbai

Ashok Sethi

Ashok Sethi, F.IOD

CEO and Executive Director
The Tata Power Co. Ltd., Mumbai

Atul Pradhan

Atul Pradhan, F.IOD

Managing Partner
Transfolign Consulting LLP, Mumbai

Banka Baldeo Prasad

Banka Baldeo Prasad, F.IOD

Indo Investment Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Bimal Kumar Kedia

Bimal Kumar Kedia, F.IOD


Brig. J. Kameswara Rao

Brig. J. Kameswara Rao, F.IOD

Dy Chairman
Indian Army, Delhi

CA Rajanikanta Mohanty

CA Rajanikanta Mohanty, F.IOD

Director and International Controller
Brentwood Industries, Inc.

Capt. Anoop Kumar Sharma

Capt. Anoop Kumar Sharma, F.IOD

Independent Director
Kamarajar Port Limited

Capt. Mohan Vasant Naik

Capt. Mohan Vasant Naik, F.IOD

Managing Director
Dynacom Tankers Mangnt. Pvt. Ltd.

Capt. Om Prakash Dua

Capt. Om Prakash Dua, F.IOD

Chief Executive Officer and Director
Aayur Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Capt. Philip Mathews

Capt. Philip Mathews, F.IOD

Seven Island Maritime Training Foundation

Capt. Pradeep Singh

Capt. Pradeep Singh, F.IOD

Managing Director
Aethon Marine Services LLC | UAE

Chennupati Venu Madhav

Chennupati Venu Madhav, F.IOD

Managing Director
Kria Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Commander Shyam KR Nambiar

Commander Shyam KR Nambiar, F.IOD

Site Leader
Amazon Fulfillment Centre | UAE

Dhruv Agrawal

Dhruv Agrawal, F.IOD

Chartered Accountant
Bipin & Company, Gujarat

Dinesh Arora

Dinesh Arora, F.IOD

Group Chief Executive Officer
Exim Bank Tanzania Ltd.

Dinesh Chopra

Dinesh Chopra, F.IOD

Honeywell Intl. India Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Abhishek Agrawal

Dr. Abhishek Agrawal, F.IOD

Chief Regional Officer - (Asia)
Accion International | United States

Dr. Amarnath Ananthanarayanan

Dr. Amarnath Ananthanarayanan, F.IOD

MD - Corporate, The Sanmar Group
Cabot Sanmar Ltd./ Chennai

Dr. Anish Varghese

Dr. Anish Varghese, F.IOD

Director HR & Administration
National Real Estate Company, Kuwait

Dr. Ashish Gupta

Dr. Ashish Gupta, F.IOD

Chairman and Managing Director
Swash Papertech Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Asit Amul Naik

Dr. Asit Amul Naik, F.IOD

Suvidha Hospital | Valsad

Dr. Asit Baran Mohapatra

Dr. Asit Baran Mohapatra, F.IOD

Professor of Practice
Human Resource Management Indian Institute of Management Ranchi/ Ranchi

Dr. C. Mathiazhagan

Dr. C. Mathiazhagan, F.IOD

Director and Chief Executive Officer
Hi-Tech Company Software Solutions (Chennai) Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. G. V. Rao

Dr. G. V. Rao, F.IOD

Senior Advocate - Supreme Court of India
Law Offices of GVRAO, Delhi

Dr. Gargi Keeni

Dr. Gargi Keeni, F.IOD

Former Vice President
Tata Consultancy Services, Kolkata

Dr. Guruvayurappan P. V.

Dr. Guruvayurappan P. V., F.IOD

Sr. Vice President - HR
Omega Healthcare Management Services Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru

Dr. Harishchandra Prasad Singh

Dr. Harishchandra Prasad Singh, F.IOD

Founder and Chairman
Confederation of Horticulture Associations of India (CHAI) | Delhi

Dr. Jayshan Keejoo

Dr. Jayshan Keejoo, F.IOD

Founder & CEO
Boston Group of Companies

Dr. Jyoti Prakash Dash

Dr. Jyoti Prakash Dash, F.IOD

Chief General Manager
Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited | Hyderabad

Dr. K. S. Saravanavasan

Dr. K. S. Saravanavasan, F.IOD

Associate Vice President
Omega Healthcare Management Services Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru

Dr. Keijo Varis

Dr. Keijo Varis, F.IOD

Principal Lecturer and Professor of Practice
Turku University of Applied Sciences

Dr. Krishnamurthy Venkateshiah

Dr. Krishnamurthy Venkateshiah, F.IOD

Chief Knowledge Officer & Academic Consultant
Peregrine Global / Uruguay

Dr. Manoj Kumar Motwani

Dr. Manoj Kumar Motwani, F.IOD

MAP Asia Pacific Limited | Hong Kong

Dr. Milind Arvind Vaidya

Dr. Milind Arvind Vaidya, F.IOD

Managing Director - India Region
Pulcra Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd. | Mumbai

Dr. Minnie Bodhanwala

Dr. Minnie Bodhanwala, F.IOD

Chief Executive Officer and Director
Wadia Group

Dr. Monica Sood Bhatia

Dr. Monica Sood Bhatia, F.IOD

Managing Director
CIMS Medica India Pvt. Ltd. / Mumbai

Dr. P. Ravindranath

Dr. P. Ravindranath, F.IOD

Rho Consulting (P) Limited

Dr. Puneet Jain

Dr. Puneet Jain, F.IOD

Group Chief (Corporate Affairs, Law & Compliance) Officer
India Today Group, Noida

Dr. Rajeev Jain

Dr. Rajeev Jain, F.IOD

Chief Executive Officer and MD
Cyclo Oil LLC, Sultan Group

Dr. Rajendra Kumar Somany

Dr. Rajendra Kumar Somany, F.IOD

HSIL Ltd., Gurgaon

Dr. Rajgopal Thirumalai

Dr. Rajgopal Thirumalai, F.IOD

Vice President - Global Medical and Occupational Health
Hindustan Unilever Limited | Mumbai

Dr. Rajiv Kishore Dubey

Dr. Rajiv Kishore Dubey, F.IOD

former Chairman and Managing Director
Canara Bank

Dr. Rajiv Yadav

Dr. Rajiv Yadav, F.IOD

Senior Vice President
Krungsri (MUFG) Bank | Thailand

Dr. Robert Deva Arul Paulmer

Dr. Robert Deva Arul Paulmer, F.IOD

MIWrk Pte Ltd.

Dr. S. K. Murthy

Dr. S. K. Murthy, F.IOD

Director - IP (India)
Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. S. Murugan

Dr. S. Murugan, F.IOD

Chief Executive Officer
Alpha Lifecare Kannan Hospital | Cuddalore

Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya

Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya, F.IOD

Founder President and Chairman
Suryadatta Education Foundation

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Khanna

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Khanna, F.IOD

Vice President
Ruchi Soya Industries Limited | Indore

Dr. Santosh Kumar

Dr. Santosh Kumar, F.IOD

Director Administration & Projects
Ruban Memorial Hospital | Patna

Dr. Santosh Kumar Mohanty

Dr. Santosh Kumar Mohanty, F.IOD

Trustee, Board of Trust
NPS Trust

Dr. Shailendra Chouksey

Dr. Shailendra Chouksey, F.IOD

Whole-Time Director
JK Lakshmi Cement Limited, Delhi

Dr. Shirshendu Mukherjee

Dr. Shirshendu Mukherjee, F.IOD

Mission Director - Programme Management Unit
DBT-BIRAC-BMGF-Wellcome Trust | New Delhi

Dr. Sriram Pattabhiram

Dr. Sriram Pattabhiram, F.IOD

Commerz First | Chennai

Dr. Subash Masters

Dr. Subash Masters, F.IOD

Human Capital Development | Delhi

Dr. Subhash Chandar

Dr. Subhash Chandar, F.IOD

Global Head & Vice President
Laminaar Aviation Infotech/ Singapore

Dr. Sudhakar Potukuchi

Dr. Sudhakar Potukuchi, F.IOD

Vice President (Technology)
Eaton, Karad

Dr. Swaminathan Manikandan

Dr. Swaminathan Manikandan, F.IOD

Managing Director
Pentagon Rugged Systems India Pvt. Ltd./ Hyderabad

Dr. Tanaya Mishra

Dr. Tanaya Mishra, F.IOD

Global Chief Human Resources Officer
Essar Projects Limited | Mumbai

Dr. Uppiliappan Gopalan

Dr. Uppiliappan Gopalan, F.IOD

Managing Director, India, Middle East & Africa
Sidel India Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. V. Aravind

Dr. V. Aravind, F.IOD

Executive Chairman
Aravind Group of Companies and Aravind Foundation

Dr. V. K. Sharma

Dr. V. K. Sharma, F.IOD

Chief Executive Officer and Director
Dezin Consulting Pvt. Ltd./ Mumbai

Dr. Vikram Batra

Dr. Vikram Batra, F.IOD

Vice President - Business Development
Ashok Leyland Limited, Noida

Dr. Yaramakala Raghuram Reddy

Dr. Yaramakala Raghuram Reddy, F.IOD

Visiting Faculty - Management
Andhra University | Visakhapatnam

G. Narayan Rao

G. Narayan Rao, F.IOD

Vice Chairman
Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India, Hyderabad

Gaurav Prakash

Gaurav Prakash, F.IOD

Director & Managing Partner
Eternum Trade & Business Services LLP / Pune

Jayan Nair

Jayan Nair, F.IOD

Jayen Consulting Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

Jyoti Prakash Gadia

Jyoti Prakash Gadia, F.IOD

Managing Director
Resurgent India Ltd. / Gurgaon

Kanwal Tikoo

Kanwal Tikoo, F.IOD

Aptar Pharma India Pvt. Ltd. / Mumbai

Kaustav Banerjee

Kaustav Banerjee, F.IOD

Vice President - South Asia
Zimmer India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon

Kishor Nathani

Kishor Nathani, F.IOD

Sr.Vice President
Urban Mass Transit Company
New Delhi

Kishore Narain Mishra

Kishore Narain Mishra, F.IOD

Executive Director
Jove Steels Pvt. Ltd., Delhi

Krishnanunny Appat

Krishnanunny Appat, F.IOD

Vice President - Operations
Omega Healthcare Management Services Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

Lt. Gen. Rajeev Sirohi

Lt. Gen. Rajeev Sirohi, F.IOD

former Military Secretary
Indian Army

M. K. Naveen Kashyap

M. K. Naveen Kashyap, F.IOD

Managing Director
Yokogawa Ia Technologies India Pvt Ltd. Bengaluru

Mahendra Kumar Arya

Mahendra Kumar Arya, F.IOD

ESIC, New Delhi

Mr. Abhishek Raju

Mr. Abhishek Raju, F.IOD

Founder & Director
SatSure Analytics India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Adarsh Kumar

Mr. Adarsh Kumar, F.IOD

Former Chief Operating Officer
Tata Motors Finance Group, Mumbai

Mr. Adi S. Cherukupalli

Mr. Adi S. Cherukupalli, F.IOD

Principal Associate - GCM Office GMR Group Former CEO - FBO
GMR Group | Delhi

Mr. Aditya Chaudhuri

Mr. Aditya Chaudhuri, F.IOD

Managing Director
Accenture/ Gurgaon

Mr. Ajay Bakshi

Mr. Ajay Bakshi, F.IOD

Managing Director
Metamorphosis Unlimited | Pune

Mr. Ajay Kumar Kapoor

Mr. Ajay Kumar Kapoor, F.IOD

Head - IT & Digital Risk Management
HDFC Bank Limited

Mr. Ajay Malik

Mr. Ajay Malik, F.IOD

Managing Director and Head - Investment Banking
RBSA Advisors | Mumbai

Mr. Ajay Singh

Mr. Ajay Singh, F.IOD

Corporate Advisor
Autoplant Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Ajit Kumar Mishra

Mr. Ajit Kumar Mishra, F.IOD

General Manager
Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited/ Delhi

Mr. Ajit Sharma

Mr. Ajit Sharma, F.IOD

Director - Finance
Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation Limited | Mumbai

Mr. Ajit Subhas Shetty

Mr. Ajit Subhas Shetty, F.IOD

Deputy Vice President
HDFC Bank, Mumbai

Mr. Akhilesh Chauhan

Mr. Akhilesh Chauhan, F.IOD

Director - Head Risk and Governance
Deutsche Bank | Mumbai

Mr. Akil A. Hirani

Mr. Akil A. Hirani, F.IOD

Managing Partner
Majmudar & Partners

Mr. Akshay Bhardwaj

Mr. Akshay Bhardwaj, F.IOD

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer
Megoai Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Alan D'Silva

Mr. Alan D'Silva, F.IOD

Chartered Accountant
ADVisors+ | Spain

Mr. Alok Chandrashekhar Sapre

Mr. Alok Chandrashekhar Sapre, F.IOD

Chairman & Managing Director
CIA-Glocal Venture LLP, Mumbai

Mr. Anil Prakash Gupta

Mr. Anil Prakash Gupta, F.IOD

President & Head
Cornerstone International Group, Noida

Mr. Anjani Kumar Tiwari

Mr. Anjani Kumar Tiwari, F.IOD

Director - Finance
GAIL (India) Limited | Delhi

Mr. Anup Jalan

Mr. Anup Jalan, F.IOD

Growth Architect
APJ Enterprises/ Mumbai

Mr. Anup Kumar Dave

Mr. Anup Kumar Dave, F.IOD

former General Director
Kirby South East Asia Co. Ltd. | Vietnam

Mr. Arun Sehgal

Mr. Arun Sehgal, F.IOD

Chairman Emeritus, Coach and Mentor, Director
Chempro Pharma Pvt. Ltd. | Mumbai

Mr. Arvind Kumar Sachdev

Mr. Arvind Kumar Sachdev, F.IOD

former President
Colgate Palmolive Philippine Inc.

Mr. Arvind Prabhu

Mr. Arvind Prabhu, F.IOD

RaceNext Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd. | Mumbai

Mr. Ashish Agarwal, CFA, MBA

Mr. Ashish Agarwal, CFA, MBA, F.IOD

Director and CEO
Seros Shipping Pvt. Ltd./ Gujarat

Mr. Ashok Kumar Bhattacharya

Mr. Ashok Kumar Bhattacharya, F.IOD

ED (Country Manager)
Takeda Pharmaceuticals India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

Mr. Ashok Kumar Prabhakar

Mr. Ashok Kumar Prabhakar, F.IOD

KPMG/ Bengaluru

Mr. Ashok Malu

Mr. Ashok Malu, F.IOD

Former President & Company Secretary
Grasim Industries Limited

Mr. Ashok Vasudevan

Mr. Ashok Vasudevan, F.IOD

Scientific Tool Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd. | Bengaluru

Mr. Ashutosh  Agarwala

Mr. Ashutosh Agarwala, F.IOD

Whole-time Director
Excedor Resolvency Private Limited

Mr. Ashvinee Kumar

Mr. Ashvinee Kumar, F.IOD

Managing Director
Chaupal Sansadhan Limited

Mr. Asim Kumar Mukhopadhyay

Mr. Asim Kumar Mukhopadhyay, F.IOD

Vice President and Head - Business Finance
Tata Motors Group/ Mumbai

Mr. Avtar Singh Monga

Mr. Avtar Singh Monga, F.IOD

Managing Partner
Stride Ventures/ Gurugram

Mr. Ayyap Hariharan

Mr. Ayyap Hariharan, F.IOD

Executive Coach

Mr. B. S. Praveen

Mr. B. S. Praveen, F.IOD

Uniglobus Electricals and Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Babu Siva Prasad Dachepalli

Mr. Babu Siva Prasad Dachepalli, F.IOD

Delivery Manager
Wipro Limited

Mr. Baburaj Nair

Mr. Baburaj Nair, F.IOD

Chief Mentor
P2B Consulting/ Kochi

Mr. Balfour Manuel

Mr. Balfour Manuel, F.IOD

Managing Director
Blue Dart Express Limited

Mr. Basant Kumar

Mr. Basant Kumar, F.IOD

Former Executive Director
Ircon International Limited

Mr. Basant Kumar Sinha

Mr. Basant Kumar Sinha, F.IOD

Etash Management Services Pvt. Ltd. / Gurgaon

Mr. Baskaran Gopalan

Mr. Baskaran Gopalan, F.IOD

Vice President
Omega Healthcare Management Services Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

Mr. Biju Divakaran Nair

Mr. Biju Divakaran Nair, F.IOD

Sri Winayaka Enterprises LLP | Thrissur

Mr. Bimlendra Jha

Mr. Bimlendra Jha, F.IOD

IgnitingMinds Guru Pvt. Ltd. | Delhi

Mr. Bipin Dayal

Mr. Bipin Dayal, F.IOD

Managing Director
CData Software India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Burgess Cooper

Mr. Burgess Cooper, F.IOD

Partner - Information & Cyber Security
Ernst & Young, Mumbai

Mr. Ch. S. S. Mallikarjunarao

Mr. Ch. S. S. Mallikarjunarao, F.IOD

Independent Director
Axis Bank Limited

Mr. Chandrabose Janardhanan

Mr. Chandrabose Janardhanan, F.IOD

Managing Director
Kerala Minerals And Metals Limited (KMML)

Mr. Dhiraj Kumar Sinha

Mr. Dhiraj Kumar Sinha, F.IOD

Co-Founder and General Partner
SucSEED Indovation

Mr. Dinesh Kumar

Mr. Dinesh Kumar, F.IOD

Chief Executive Officer
Blue Light Innovations LLP, Hyderabad

Mr. Durgesh Shankar, IRS (Retd.)

Mr. Durgesh Shankar, IRS (Retd.), F.IOD

Central Board of Direct Taxes and D&V Law Chambers | Delhi

Mr. Emmanuel David

Mr. Emmanuel David, F.IOD

Managing Director
GridSynergies Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Falgun Shah

Mr. Falgun Shah, F.IOD

CEO - International Subsidiaries
Symphony Limited

Mr. G. S. Rao

Mr. G. S. Rao, F.IOD

Managing Director
Accenture | Hyderabad

Mr. Giridhar Sanjeevi

Mr. Giridhar Sanjeevi, F.IOD

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Indian Hotels Company Limited

Mr. Gnana Vadivel Kandasamy

Mr. Gnana Vadivel Kandasamy, F.IOD

KLJ Petroplast Limited | Bharuch

Mr. Gopal Lal Sharma

Mr. Gopal Lal Sharma, F.IOD

Managing Director
Jersey Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Tirunelveli (Tamil Nadu)

Mr. Gulshan Kumar Chhabra

Mr. Gulshan Kumar Chhabra, F.IOD

Managing Director
Technip Global Business Services Pvt. Ltd./ Delhi

Mr. Gururaja S. Yellapur

Mr. Gururaja S. Yellapur, F.IOD

Vice President - Software & Product Development
Omega Healthcare Management Services Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru

Mr. Harihar Prakash Chaturvedi

Mr. Harihar Prakash Chaturvedi, F.IOD

Member (Judicial)
National Company Law Tribunal

Mr. Harish Raichandani

Mr. Harish Raichandani, F.IOD

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Potentia Growth Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad

Mr. Harsh Vardhan Jajoo

Mr. Harsh Vardhan Jajoo, F.IOD

Curator & Coach
HVJ.Coach | Aurangabad

Mr. Himanshu Jain

Mr. Himanshu Jain, F.IOD

President, Indian Sub-Continent
Diversey Hygiene India Pvt. Ltd. | Mumbai

Mr. Iyer Sreeram Ranganathan

Mr. Iyer Sreeram Ranganathan, F.IOD

Chief Operating Officer - Institutional Business
Anz Banking Group Limited

Mr. J. Mallik

Mr. J. Mallik, F.IOD

Legal Entity Head and Head - Special Projects
Sulzer Singapore Pte. Ltd./ Singapore

Mr. Jagdish Chandra Laddha

Mr. Jagdish Chandra Laddha, F.IOD

CEO - Copper Business
Hindalco Industries Ltd. | Mumbai

Mr. Jayanandan Puthanveedu

Mr. Jayanandan Puthanveedu, F.IOD

Director - Corporate Systems
Utopia India Pvt. Ltd. | Bengaluru

Mr. Jayanta Mukherjee

Mr. Jayanta Mukherjee, F.IOD

Strategic Advisor
Fischer Building Materials India Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Jeff Kendrew

Mr. Jeff Kendrew, F.IOD

Managing Partner
Brookfield Asset Management, Australia

Mr. Jetendra Subhash Gavankar

Mr. Jetendra Subhash Gavankar, F.IOD

Managing Director
SafranHE (India)

Mr. Jitender (Jitu) Arora

Mr. Jitender (Jitu) Arora, F.IOD

MD and Head - Business Risk Management
State Street Corporate Services Mumbai Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru

Mr. Joe John Kuruvilla

Mr. Joe John Kuruvilla, F.IOD

former President and Chief Executive Officer
Raymond Lifestyle Limited

Mr. Joshy Varkey

Mr. Joshy Varkey, F.IOD

CML Group | Kerala

Mr. Joydeep Nandy

Mr. Joydeep Nandy, F.IOD

Chief Managing Director
E4 Coaching & Consulting

Mr. Julius Raj Stephen

Mr. Julius Raj Stephen, F.IOD

Vice President - Operation
Omega Healthcare Management Services Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru

Mr. Junya Ueda

Mr. Junya Ueda, F.IOD

Deputy Managing Director
TPR Autoparts Mfg. India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. K. Parthasarathy

Mr. K. Parthasarathy, F.IOD

Chartered Accountant

Mr. Kaikhushru Vicaji Taraporevala

Mr. Kaikhushru Vicaji Taraporevala, F.IOD

Managing Director
Tethys Ventures (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Mr. Kanti Prasad Jain

Mr. Kanti Prasad Jain, F.IOD

Yarunara Technologies Pvt. Ltd. | Mumbai

Mr. Kaushal Kishore Mishra

Mr. Kaushal Kishore Mishra, F.IOD

Former CEO & MD
Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited

Mr. Keerthi N

Mr. Keerthi N, F.IOD

Independent Consultant

Mr. Kingshuk Jagat Chakraborty

Mr. Kingshuk Jagat Chakraborty, F.IOD

Managing Partner
PRP Professional Edge Associates Pvt. Ltd. | Mumbai

Mr. Kuldip Narain Gupta

Mr. Kuldip Narain Gupta, F.IOD

Executive Director
SKNG Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Kuldip Paliwal

Mr. Kuldip Paliwal, F.IOD

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer
First Alliance Bank Zambia Limited

Mr. Kumar Paramjeet Singh

Mr. Kumar Paramjeet Singh, F.IOD

Associate Professor
O. P. Jindal Global University | Sonipat

Mr. L. V. Rajan Kolath

Mr. L. V. Rajan Kolath, F.IOD

Kolath Financial Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. M. J. Madhusudan

Mr. M. J. Madhusudan, F.IOD

Managing Director
Beko Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. M. P. Vijay Kumar

Mr. M. P. Vijay Kumar, F.IOD

Thejo Engineering Limited/ Chennai

Mr. Mahesh Chandra Sharma

Mr. Mahesh Chandra Sharma, F.IOD

Designated Partner
AAA Valuation Professionals LLP | Delhi

Mr. Mahesh Murthy

Mr. Mahesh Murthy, F.IOD

Staff Engineer, Process Safety Process Safety CoE
SABIC/ Saudi Arabia

Mr. Malay Patel, F.IOD

Mr. Malay Patel, F.IOD, F.IOD

Eewa Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd. / Ahmedabad

Mr. Manav Gupta

Mr. Manav Gupta, F.IOD

Stylam Industries Limited

Mr. Mandavilli Bhaskara Nageswara Rao

Mr. Mandavilli Bhaskara Nageswara Rao, F.IOD

Former Chairman and MD
Canara Bank

Mr. Manesh Pratap Singh

Mr. Manesh Pratap Singh, F.IOD

Whole-Time Director and Country Manager
PEI-Genesis Connectivity Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Mani Padmanabhan

Mr. Mani Padmanabhan, F.IOD

Vanman Management Advisors Pvt. Ltd./ Telanga

Mr. Manoj Sadashiv Puri

Mr. Manoj Sadashiv Puri, F.IOD

M. Sadashiv & Associates Jammu & Kashmir

Mr. Manoj Wad

Mr. Manoj Wad, F.IOD

Corporate Lawyer
J S Wad & Co. | Pune

Mr. Mihir Kumar Jhaveri

Mr. Mihir Kumar Jhaveri, F.IOD

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer
Vieg Services Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Milind Joshi

Mr. Milind Joshi, F.IOD

Managing Director
Visla Consulting LLP, Mumbai

Mr. Mohamed Imam

Mr. Mohamed Imam, F.IOD

Sheida International Co. LLC | Oman

Mr. Mohammed Arshaan Abdul Gafoor

Mr. Mohammed Arshaan Abdul Gafoor, F.IOD

Naser Bali Gloves Pvt. Ltd. Chennai

Mr. Monoranjan Roy

Mr. Monoranjan Roy, F.IOD

Business Promoter
Apnna Bazaar Retail Pvt. Ltd./ West Bengal

Mr. Muraleedharan Manningal

Mr. Muraleedharan Manningal, F.IOD

VP & Head of Technology & Innovation Center
SE2 Digital Service/ Pune

Mr. Murali Naidu Bukkapatnam

Mr. Murali Naidu Bukkapatnam, F.IOD

Volksy Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Muralidharan Ramachandran

Mr. Muralidharan Ramachandran, F.IOD

Vice President
Syntel Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Nam Hariharan Sahasra

Mr. Nam Hariharan Sahasra, F.IOD

Executive Director
Falcon Group

Mr. Nandagopal Balagangadharan

Mr. Nandagopal Balagangadharan, F.IOD

Executive Coach

Mr. Nandkumar Rane

Mr. Nandkumar Rane, F.IOD

Executive Director
Escorts Kubota India Pvt. Ltd. | Faridabad

Mr. Narain Jai Prakash

Mr. Narain Jai Prakash, F.IOD

Chief Executive Officer
Century Pulp & Paper (a division of Century Textiles and Industries Limited)

Mr. Narayanan Suresh Krishnan

Mr. Narayanan Suresh Krishnan, F.IOD

MD & Chief Executive Officer
Paradeep Phosphates Limited

Mr. Narendra Kumar Ambwani

Mr. Narendra Kumar Ambwani, F.IOD

Godrej Consumer Products Limited | Mumbai

Mr. Narinder Wadhwa

Mr. Narinder Wadhwa, F.IOD

Founder and Chairman
SKI Group | Delhi

Mr. Nasser Arivoli

Mr. Nasser Arivoli, F.IOD

Managing Director
COROB India Pvt. Ltd. | Mumbai

Mr. Nath Parameshwaran

Mr. Nath Parameshwaran, F.IOD

Director - Corporate Affairs
PayPal Payments Pvt. Ltd. | Mumbai

Mr. Neehar Pathare

Mr. Neehar Pathare, F.IOD

Tech Chief Executive Officer and CISO
63 Moons Technologies Limited

Mr. Neelesh Singh

Mr. Neelesh Singh, F.IOD

ZetaSquare Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Neeraj Gupta

Mr. Neeraj Gupta, F.IOD

CEO - India Business
Treis Solutions LLP (FuelBuddy)

Mr. Nesal Rajnikant Lalan

Mr. Nesal Rajnikant Lalan, F.IOD

Director and Chief Financial Officer
Rohlig India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Nitin Narendra Patil

Mr. Nitin Narendra Patil, F.IOD

Nitin Narendra Patil

Mr. Ovais Sarmad

Mr. Ovais Sarmad, F.IOD

former Deputy Executive Secretary/Assistant Secretary-General
United Nations Climate Change Secretariat (UNFCCC)

Mr. P. Ramachandran

Mr. P. Ramachandran, F.IOD

Business Stratgic Advisor
Eye Wear Consultant

Mr. Pankaj Kumar Sinha

Mr. Pankaj Kumar Sinha, F.IOD

Manager - Commercials
Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company, Qatar

Mr. Prabhakar Kadapa

Mr. Prabhakar Kadapa, F.IOD

Partner and Director
Mudita Strat-Aegis Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Prabhakar Nori

Mr. Prabhakar Nori, F.IOD

Chief Gen. Manager - Brand & PR
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. | Mumbai

Mr. Prabhakar Tiwari

Mr. Prabhakar Tiwari, F.IOD

Chief Growth Officer
Angel Broking Limited | Mumbai

Mr. Pradeep C. Bandivadekar

Mr. Pradeep C. Bandivadekar, F.IOD

Tata Cleantech Capital Limited (JV of Tata Capital & IFC)

Mr. Pradeep Chandrasekharan

Mr. Pradeep Chandrasekharan, F.IOD

Chief Legal Officer
Gulf Marketing Group | Dubai

Mr. Prakash Chandra Bisht

Mr. Prakash Chandra Bisht, F.IOD

President and Chief Financial Officer
Jubilant Ingrevia Limited

Mr. Prasad Gopalan

Mr. Prasad Gopalan, F.IOD

Managing Director
Agastih Analytics Pvt. Ltd. | Bengaluru

Mr. Prasenjit Chakrabarty

Mr. Prasenjit Chakrabarty, F.IOD

Chief Executive Officer
Parallox Software Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Pravin Sawant

Mr. Pravin Sawant, F.IOD

Sr. Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer
63 Moons Technologies Limited

Mr. Prem Kumar Thampi

Mr. Prem Kumar Thampi, F.IOD

General Manager and Head - Wholesale Banking
Catholic Syrian Bank, Mumbai

Mr. Puneet Gupta

Mr. Puneet Gupta, F.IOD

Managing Partner
Kentrus Investment Advisors

Mr. Rabindra Jung Lamichhane

Mr. Rabindra Jung Lamichhane, F.IOD

R. Famous Ltd. / London

Mr. Radhakrishnan Subramanian

Mr. Radhakrishnan Subramanian, F.IOD

Financial Services Professional

Mr. Raghavan N.

Mr. Raghavan N., F.IOD

Lucas Indian Service Limited | Chennai

Mr. Raghavan Sethuraman

Mr. Raghavan Sethuraman, F.IOD

Independent Consultant

Mr. Raghavender Mateti

Mr. Raghavender Mateti, F.IOD

Independent Director
NACL Industries Limited | Hyderabad

Mr. Raghavendra Manchikanti

Mr. Raghavendra Manchikanti, F.IOD

Head of Transaction Services- Finance
Nuance India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Raghu Prasad Pidikti

Mr. Raghu Prasad Pidikti, F.IOD

DCS Limited

Mr. Rajagopalan Balasubramanyan

Mr. Rajagopalan Balasubramanyan, F.IOD

G Balu Associates LLP / Chennai

Mr. Rajan Tandon

Mr. Rajan Tandon, F.IOD

Vice President - Finance
Mittal Investments UK Limited | United Kingdom

Mr. Rajeev K Pandey

Mr. Rajeev K Pandey, F.IOD

Whole Time Director, CEO and Principal Officer
NewQuest Insurance Broking Services Limited

Mr. Rajeev Kumar Srivastava

Mr. Rajeev Kumar Srivastava, F.IOD

Director - Projects
Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation Limited

Mr. Rajeev Manwani

Mr. Rajeev Manwani, F.IOD

Global Category Director
Glaxosmithkline Consumer Healthcare Pte. Ltd. | Gurugram

Mr. Rajeev Thykatt

Mr. Rajeev Thykatt, F.IOD

Head - Risk Management
Infosys BPM Limited, Bengaluru

Mr. Rajendran Latchman

Mr. Rajendran Latchman, F.IOD

Executive Chairman
Maruti Global
South Africa

Mr. Rajesh Chennattu Sasidharan Nair

Mr. Rajesh Chennattu Sasidharan Nair, F.IOD

Assistant General Manager
Amazon | United States

Mr. Rajesh K Dahiya

Mr. Rajesh K Dahiya, F.IOD

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
GoodGovern Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. | Mumbai

Mr. Rajesh K. Srivastava

Mr. Rajesh K. Srivastava, F.IOD

Chief Commercial Officer
Vodafone Idea Ltd., Mumbai

Mr. Rajesh Krishnamoorthy

Mr. Rajesh Krishnamoorthy, F.IOD

Country Head
Financial Planning Standards Board

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Sinha,

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Sinha,, F.IOD

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
NCDEX eMarkets Ltd. (NeML), Mumbai

Mr. Rajiv Dhar

Mr. Rajiv Dhar, F.IOD

Joyce Foam Pty Ltd.

Mr. Rakesh Kumar Bhutoria

Mr. Rakesh Kumar Bhutoria, F.IOD

Chief Executive Officer
Srei Infrastructure Finance Limited | Mumbai

Mr. Ranjan Nair

Mr. Ranjan Nair, F.IOD

Head - LPG North
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Mr. Ranjeev Lodha

Mr. Ranjeev Lodha, F.IOD

Non-Executive Independent Director
IVP Limited

Mr. Ranjit Singh Deol, IAS

Mr. Ranjit Singh Deol, IAS, F.IOD

Managing Director
Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Limited/ Mumbai

Mr. Ranveer S. Chauhan

Mr. Ranveer S. Chauhan, F.IOD

Akwaaba Ventures Pte. Ltd./ Singapore

Mr. Ravi Agarwal

Mr. Ravi Agarwal, F.IOD

Director - Technical
Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation Limited | Mumbai

Mr. Ravi Bhatnagar

Mr. Ravi Bhatnagar, F.IOD

Director - External Affairs and Partnerships SOA
Reckitt Benckiser (India) Limited

Mr. Ravi Bijotra

Mr. Ravi Bijotra, F.IOD

Head - Enterprise Risk Management
Friends Provident International Limited

Mr. Ravi Krishnamurthy

Mr. Ravi Krishnamurthy, F.IOD

President (Zone I)
SBI Life Insurance Company Limited | Mumbai

Mr. Ravi Manchi

Mr. Ravi Manchi, F.IOD

Managing Director
Kohesiv India Pvt. Ltd./ Hyderabad

Mr. Ravi Shankar Khurana

Mr. Ravi Shankar Khurana, F.IOD

Chairman & Managing Director
Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation Limited | Mumbai

Mr. Ravi Varanasi

Mr. Ravi Varanasi, F.IOD

former Group President and Chief Business Development Officer
National Stock Exchange of India Limited

Mr. Ravichandran Venkataraman

Mr. Ravichandran Venkataraman, F.IOD

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Alive Consulting | Bengaluru

Mr. Ravikumar Naik

Mr. Ravikumar Naik, F.IOD

Ships in Service Quality Manager
Bureau Veritas Angola LDA

Mr. Ravisankar Lakshmikanthan

Mr. Ravisankar Lakshmikanthan, F.IOD

Global Head - Stress Testing Operations
HSBC/ Bengaluru

Mr. Ritesh Chandra

Mr. Ritesh Chandra, F.IOD

Director, Regional Counsel, Asia Pacific
CHEP India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Robert Peter

Mr. Robert Peter, F.IOD

Malabou Limited

Mr. Rohit Ranjan

Mr. Rohit Ranjan, F.IOD

Managing Director
Citibank N.A. | Mumbai

Mr. Ronil Sujan

Mr. Ronil Sujan, F.IOD

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Raaga Holdings Pte Ltd. | Singapore

Mr. Rushabh Rajesh Shah

Mr. Rushabh Rajesh Shah, F.IOD

Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer
Tickerplant Limited

Mr. Sachin Kailaschand Chandiwal

Mr. Sachin Kailaschand Chandiwal, F.IOD

Managing Director and Head - Corporate Finance
Dam Capital Advisors Limited

Mr. Sandeep Babulal Agarwal

Mr. Sandeep Babulal Agarwal, F.IOD

Executive Vice President
Happiest Minds Technologies Pvt. Ltd./ Bengaluru

Mr. Sanjay Amar

Mr. Sanjay Amar, F.IOD

former Group Chief Financial Officer
Ghassan Aboud Group | UAE

Mr. Sanjay Khare

Mr. Sanjay Khare, F.IOD

Board Member & Vice President - Sustainability Strategy
Volkswagen India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Sanjay Pote

Mr. Sanjay Pote, F.IOD

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer
SHCIL Services Limited | Mumbai

Mr. Sanjay Sarda

Mr. Sanjay Sarda, F.IOD

Managing Director
Educe Education Pvt. Ltd./ Mumbai

Mr. Sanjay Sinha

Mr. Sanjay Sinha, F.IOD

former Director and Country Head
Systea India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Sanjay Tiwari

Mr. Sanjay Tiwari, F.IOD

Founder Chief Executive Officer
21CC Education/ Mumbai

Mr. Sanjeev Mittal

Mr. Sanjeev Mittal, F.IOD

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer
Scotiabank (BNS) India

Mr. Sanjoy Kumar Das

Mr. Sanjoy Kumar Das, F.IOD

former Managing Director
CMI FPE Limited, Mumbai

Mr. Santosh Jayaram

Mr. Santosh Jayaram, F.IOD

KPMG India / Bengaluru

Mr. Satish Janardhanan

Mr. Satish Janardhanan, F.IOD

Managing Director
Accenture | Mumbai

Mr. Satish Kumar N.

Mr. Satish Kumar N., F.IOD

Managing Director ? Middle-East, Africa and Central & Eastern Europe
Anthology Inc. | Bengaluru

Mr. Seshadri Vangala

Mr. Seshadri Vangala, F.IOD

Chairman and Group CEO
Global Business Advisory Services and Solutions

Mr. Shaillender Mittal

Mr. Shaillender Mittal, F.IOD

SVP and Head - IT Procurement
RBL Bank Limited

Mr. Shakti Kumar Leekha

Mr. Shakti Kumar Leekha, F.IOD

Independent Director
Allied Digital Services Limited

Mr. Shamik Basuray, F.IOD

Mr. Shamik Basuray, F.IOD, F.IOD

Managing Director and CEO
Indian Explosives Pvt. Ltd. | Kolkata

Mr. Sharad Mathur

Mr. Sharad Mathur, F.IOD

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
Universal Sompo General Insurance Co. Ltd. | Mumbai

Mr. Sharadchandra Damodar Abhyankar

Mr. Sharadchandra Damodar Abhyankar, F.IOD

Khaitan & Co.

Mr. Shrivats Singhania

Mr. Shrivats Singhania, F.IOD

JK Lakshmi Cement Limited, Delhi

Mr. Shubhit Arun Sehgal

Mr. Shubhit Arun Sehgal, F.IOD

Vice President and Executive Director
Chempro Pharma Pvt. Ltd. | Mumbai

Mr. Siba Prasad Mohanty

Mr. Siba Prasad Mohanty, F.IOD

Chairman and Managing Director
Brahmaputra Valley Fertilizer Corporation Limited | Dibrugarh

Mr. Siddhant Sanjay Chordiya

Mr. Siddhant Sanjay Chordiya, F.IOD

Executive Development Officer
Suryadatta Group Of Institutes

Mr. Sreekumar Vamadevan

Mr. Sreekumar Vamadevan, F.IOD

Chief Executive Officer
Papua Finance Limited
Papua New Guinea

Mr. Srinivasan Thiruvengadathan

Mr. Srinivasan Thiruvengadathan, F.IOD

Associate Vice President & Industry Lead
Mphasis Limited/ Chennai

Mr. Sriram Murali

Mr. Sriram Murali, F.IOD

Country Head
PT. Optima Lautan Bersama (A Transliner Group Company)

Mr. Subrata Mukherjee

Mr. Subrata Mukherjee, F.IOD

Dy. General Manager
Ceramin FZ LLC (RAK Ceramics)/ UAE

Mr. Sudarshan Mandyam Narasi Wodeyar

Mr. Sudarshan Mandyam Narasi Wodeyar, F.IOD


Mr. Sudesh Jaisinghania

Mr. Sudesh Jaisinghania, F.IOD

Zonal Head and Senior Vice President
HDFC Bank Limited | Mumbai

Mr. Sudesh R. Zingde

Mr. Sudesh R. Zingde, F.IOD

Missionpharma Logistics India Pvt. Ltd., Ahmadabad

Mr. Sudhin Choksey

Mr. Sudhin Choksey, F.IOD

Executive Director Designate
Bandhan Bank Limited/ Ahmedabad

Mr. Suhas Tuljapurkar

Mr. Suhas Tuljapurkar, F.IOD

Managing Partner
Legasis Partners

Mr. Suresh Rukmanand Pareek

Mr. Suresh Rukmanand Pareek, F.IOD

Founder & MD
Ideal Cures Pvt. Ltd./ Mumbai

Mr. Surya Vijay Sastry Kotamarti

Mr. Surya Vijay Sastry Kotamarti, F.IOD

Chief Executive Officer
The Kotamarti Group, CPAs Professional Corporation | Canada

Mr. Surya Yadav

Mr. Surya Yadav, F.IOD

Commercial Director - Technical Services
V.Group - SeaTec Services, Singapore

Mr. Swaminathan Iyer

Mr. Swaminathan Iyer, F.IOD

Executive Vice President - Legal & Compliance and Company Secretary, Tata AIA Life
Insurance Company Limited | Mumbai

Mr. T. V. Mohan

Mr. T. V. Mohan, F.IOD

Country Head and Managing Director
Andreas Maier Workholding Technology Pvt. Ltd. | Bengaluru

Mr. Tarun Kumar Vasudev

Mr. Tarun Kumar Vasudev, F.IOD

Company Director
Anantha BV | Belgium

Mr. Tejas Vinod Sura

Mr. Tejas Vinod Sura, F.IOD

Managing Director
Cubic Turnkey Pvt. Ltd./ Mumbai

Mr. V. A. George

Mr. V. A. George, F.IOD

Managing Director
Thejo Engineering Limited/ Chennai

Mr. V. Narayanan

Mr. V. Narayanan, F.IOD

Sr. Vice President
Omega Healthcare Management Services Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

Mr. V. Rengaswamy

Mr. V. Rengaswamy, F.IOD

Southern Spinners & Processors Ltd., Chennai

Mr. Vedanta Baruah

Mr. Vedanta Baruah, F.IOD

Chief Executive Officer
Berns Brett Masaood Insurance LLC

Mr. Venkata Ramarao Ilavarapu

Mr. Venkata Ramarao Ilavarapu, F.IOD

Vice President - Operations and Director
Sunjewels Pvt. Ltd. | Mumbai

Mr. Venkitraman Anand

Mr. Venkitraman Anand, F.IOD

Chief Executive and Whole Time Director
Harrisons Malayalam Limited

Mr. Vijay Singh Bapna

Mr. Vijay Singh Bapna, F.IOD

AVA Consulting LLP, Mumbai

Mr. Vikesh Wallia

Mr. Vikesh Wallia, F.IOD

former - Board Member
Times of India Group

Mr. Vimal Kumar Gupta

Mr. Vimal Kumar Gupta, F.IOD

Ramanathiyer & Co., Delhi

Mr. Vinay Mittal

Mr. Vinay Mittal, F.IOD

Sr. Vice President, Whole Time Director & Chief Financial Officer
Honda India Power Products Limited | Noida

Mr. Vinod Krishnan N.

Mr. Vinod Krishnan N., F.IOD

Deputy CEO - South East Asia, Korea
Guy Carpenter & Co. Pvt. Ltd./ Singapore

Mr. Vinod Sood

Mr. Vinod Sood, F.IOD

Managing Director
Hughes Systique Pvt. Ltd. | Gurugram

Mr. Vivek Mittal

Mr. Vivek Mittal, F.IOD

Chief Business Development Officer
eHealthSystems Technologies LLP | Delhi

Mr. Vivek Mukund Bhide

Mr. Vivek Mukund Bhide, F.IOD

Managing Director
John Cockerill India Limited | Mumbai

Mr. Yadavalli Srinivas

Mr. Yadavalli Srinivas, F.IOD

K2K Fintech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Yershen Pillay

Mr. Yershen Pillay, F.IOD

Airports Company South Africa/South Africa

Mr. Yogesh Bhatia

Mr. Yogesh Bhatia, F.IOD

Managing Director
SG Corporate Mobility Pvt. Ltd., Gurugram

Mr. Yugal Sikri

Mr. Yugal Sikri, F.IOD

Managing Director
RPG Life Sciences Limited | Mumbai

Mr.Vijay Kumar Balakrishnan

Mr.Vijay Kumar Balakrishnan, F.IOD

Management Consultant

Mrs. Hemalatha S.

Mrs. Hemalatha S., F.IOD

Lex Consociates

Mrs. Sushma S. Chordiya

Mrs. Sushma S. Chordiya, F.IOD

Vice President & Secretary
Suryadatta Group Of Institutes

Ms. Amrita Verma Chowdhury

Ms. Amrita Verma Chowdhury, F.IOD

Chief Executive Officer
Gaia Smart Cities Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Anupama Vaidya

Ms. Anupama Vaidya, F.IOD

Los Aurigas | Mumbai

Ms. Aparna Sharma

Ms. Aparna Sharma, F.IOD

Independent Director
Baroda BNP Paribas Asset Management India Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Bindu S. Sastry

Ms. Bindu S. Sastry, F.IOD

Founder and Managing Director
Mauverick | Bengaluru

Ms. Chandni Khosla

Ms. Chandni Khosla, F.IOD

Neo Securities Limited | Mumbai

Ms. Chhaya Sehgal

Ms. Chhaya Sehgal, F.IOD

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
The Winning Edge | Mumbai

Ms. Gayathri Viswanathan

Ms. Gayathri Viswanathan, F.IOD

Maarga Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Jaya Vaidhyanathan

Ms. Jaya Vaidhyanathan, F.IOD

Chief Executive Officer
BCT Digital

Ms. Jayanthi Yeshwant Kumar

Ms. Jayanthi Yeshwant Kumar, F.IOD

Founder and Chairperson
Ad Astra Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Kadambari Rao Batra

Ms. Kadambari Rao Batra, F.IOD

Senior Director
ITC Infotech/ United Kingdom

Ms. Luisa Munaretto

Ms. Luisa Munaretto, F.IOD

Non Exec Director

Ms. Madhu Jain

Ms. Madhu Jain, F.IOD

Founder and Director
IIFL Foundation

Ms. Mangal K. Kulkarni

Ms. Mangal K. Kulkarni, F.IOD

Global Head - Legal, CS & Compliance Officer
Sonata Software Limited

Ms. Nivedita Nanda

Ms. Nivedita Nanda, F.IOD

Chief Human Resources Officer
Kaya Limited, Mumbai

Ms. Parul Oza

Ms. Parul Oza, F.IOD

Managing Director
CRMO Pharmmatecch Pvt. Ltd./ Ahmedabad

Ms. R. Parvathy

Ms. R. Parvathy, F.IOD

Ramanath Iyer & Co., Delhi

Ms. Rachna Mukherjee

Ms. Rachna Mukherjee, F.IOD

CHRO - India & South Asia
Schneider Electric

Ms. Radha Rama Dorai

Ms. Radha Rama Dorai, F.IOD

Former Managing Director - ATM Managed Services
FIS Payment Solutions & Services India Pvt. Ltd. | Mumbai

Ms. Ranji Srivastava

Ms. Ranji Srivastava, F.IOD

Assistant Vice President and Head - Legal
GlobalLogic India Limited/ Noida

Ms. Rupa Rajul Vora

Ms. Rupa Rajul Vora, F.IOD

Independent Director
Corporate Boards | Mumbai

Ms. Sangeeta Jain

Ms. Sangeeta Jain, F.IOD

NM Agro Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Shikha Sharma

Ms. Shikha Sharma, F.IOD

Kanti Sweets Pvt. Ltd. | Bengaluru

Ms. Shobana N. S.

Ms. Shobana N. S., F.IOD

Executive Director and Chief Risk Officer
TAKE Solutions Limited | Chennai

Ms. Shubha Murthi

Ms. Shubha Murthi, F.IOD

Consultant, Certified Coach & Entrepreneur

Ms. Smriti Rekha Vijay

Ms. Smriti Rekha Vijay, F.IOD

Independent Director
Akzo Nobel India Limited, Mumbai

Ms. Suja Chandrasekaran

Ms. Suja Chandrasekaran, F.IOD

Member Board of Directors
Cardinal Health
United States

Ms. Vidya Basarkod

Ms. Vidya Basarkod, F.IOD

Managing Director
Ramboll India

Ms. Vijaya Deepti P H

Ms. Vijaya Deepti P H, F.IOD

former Chief Executive Officer
Tata Insights and Quants - - A Division of Tata Industries Limited | Bengaluru

Ms. Yeshasvini Ramaswamy

Ms. Yeshasvini Ramaswamy, F.IOD

Serial Entrepreneur Founder
Culturelytics Pvt. Ltd./ Bengaluru

Ms. Yukti Arora

Ms. Yukti Arora, F.IOD

Pricoris LLP, Noida

N. Sambasiva Rao

N. Sambasiva Rao, F.IOD

Managing Director
Krishak Bharati Cooperative Ltd. / Noida

Paresh P. Madani

Paresh P. Madani, F.IOD


Prabhat Ranjan Acharya

Prabhat Ranjan Acharya, F.IOD

Independent Management Consultant

Pradeep Kanaiyalal Agrawal

Pradeep Kanaiyalal Agrawal, F.IOD

Managing Partner
Bipin & Company

Prem R. Kumar

Prem R. Kumar, F.IOD

Chief Executive Officer
BSES Yamuna Power Ltd. / Delhi

Prof. (Dr.) R. K. Singh

Prof. (Dr.) R. K. Singh, F.IOD

Vice Chancellor
PatliPutra University

Prof. (Dr.) Rohit Mehtani

Prof. (Dr.) Rohit Mehtani, F.IOD

Professor & Consultant
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) | Delhi

Prof. (Dr.) S. K. Singh

Prof. (Dr.) S. K. Singh, F.IOD

Professor & Dean
Delhi Technological University | Delhi

Prof. A. Gopalakrishnan Iyer

Prof. A. Gopalakrishnan Iyer, F.IOD

Founder President
ENERTIA Foundation & Renewable Energy Promotion Association (REPA)/ Mumbai

Prof. Bejon Kumar Misra

Prof. Bejon Kumar Misra, F.IOD

Independent Director
Sunil Healthcare Limited, Delhi

Prof. Harry Thapar

Prof. Harry Thapar, F.IOD

Head of the School of Finance and Accounting
University Of Westminster, UK

Prof. Raju Vir

Prof. Raju Vir, F.IOD

Senior Leadership Coach
Saudi Arabia

Purushothama Reddy A.

Purushothama Reddy A., F.IOD

Sr. Vice President Finance & Legal
Omega Healthcare Management Services Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru

Rajiv Popli

Rajiv Popli, F.IOD

Independent Consultant

Rakesh Kumar Mehra

Rakesh Kumar Mehra, F.IOD

Bulk MRO Industrial Supply Pvt. Ltd. / Mumbai

Rama Shankar Pandey

Rama Shankar Pandey, F.IOD

Managing Director
Hella India Lighting Ltd., Haryana

Raman Aggarwal

Raman Aggarwal, F.IOD

Sr. Vice President
Srei Equipment Finance Ltd., Delhi

Ravish Mittal

Ravish Mittal, F.IOD

Group Chief Financial Officer
SKH Metals Ltd., Gurgaon

Rear Admiral Sanjay Roye

Rear Admiral Sanjay Roye, F.IOD

CSO - Strategic Operations, Personnel & Administration
Indian Navy

Richard Andrew Harold Stockdale

Richard Andrew Harold Stockdale, F.IOD

Liability Insurance Dubai

Rupesh Paparaju

Rupesh Paparaju, F.IOD

Managing Director
Bettinelli Automation Components Pvt. Ltd. Pune

S. Muralidharan

S. Muralidharan, F.IOD

Lucas Indian Service Limited | Chennai

Sachin Gupta

Sachin Gupta, F.IOD

Sanskriti University / Mathura

Sameer Dilip Mehta

Sameer Dilip Mehta, F.IOD

Dr. Mehta's Children's Hospital, Chennai

Samir Joshipura

Samir Joshipura, F.IOD

Group CEO
Sintex Plastics Technology Ltd., Ahmedabad

Sandip Ghosh

Sandip Ghosh, F.IOD

Managing Director
Von Roll India Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru

Sanjay Desai

Sanjay Desai, F.IOD

Advisory Board Member

Sanjiv Bhagat

Sanjiv Bhagat, F.IOD

Chairman & CEO
AT&T Global Network Services India Pvt. Ltd.


Satyamohan, F.IOD

Chief Executive Officer
Writer Business Services Ltd., Mumbai

Saurabh Gupta

Saurabh Gupta, F.IOD

Laxmi Publications (P) Ltd., Delhi

Shailendra Chikkhebagilu Mruthyunjayappa

Shailendra Chikkhebagilu Mruthyunjayappa, F.IOD

Verisk Advisory Pvt. Ltd./ Bengaluru

Shardul Kshirsagar

Shardul Kshirsagar, F.IOD

Managing Director
Fowler Westrup (I) Pvt. Ltd., Maaluru

Sreedhar Venkatasubramanian

Sreedhar Venkatasubramanian, F.IOD

Vice President
BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd., Delhi

Sujan Sinha

Sujan Sinha, F.IOD

Managing Director & CEO
Shriram Housing Finance Ltd., Mumbai

Sumeet Bahadur

Sumeet Bahadur, F.IOD

Director - Finance
Electronic & Power Control Company, Bhilai

Sunil Christopher

Sunil Christopher, F.IOD

Managing Director
Advantedge Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Bengaluru

Sunil Deshmukh

Sunil Deshmukh, F.IOD

Managing Director
Wilson Cables Pvt. Ltd., Singapore

Sunil Lulla

Sunil Lulla, F.IOD

Chief Evangelist
The Linus Adventures LLP / Mumbai

Surender Singh Kandhari

Surender Singh Kandhari, F.IOD

Al Dobowi Fze

Surendra Jagtap

Surendra Jagtap, F.IOD

Vice President and Head - HSEQ
Essar Projects (India) Ltd., Mumbai

Suresh Mangalagiri

Suresh Mangalagiri, F.IOD

CSM Technologies Ltd., London (UK)

Suresh Vaidhyanathan

Suresh Vaidhyanathan, F.IOD

Group CFO
Platinum Corporation FZE

T. K. Lakshman

T. K. Lakshman, F.IOD

Vice President
Omega Healthcare Management Services Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

Tej Pal

Tej Pal, F.IOD

Vice President - Operations
Omega Healthcare Management Services Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru

Tushar Jayant Gunderia

Tushar Jayant Gunderia, F.IOD

Head - Legal & Compliance and CS
Blue Dart Express Limited, Mumbai

Vasanth Jeyapaul

Vasanth Jeyapaul, F.IOD

Sr. Vice President
Computer Age Management Services Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai

Vasudevan Srinivasan

Vasudevan Srinivasan, F.IOD

Pioneer Coldstore & Cladding Pvt. Ltd.

Vikas Chadha

Vikas Chadha, F.IOD

Director & CFO
Berggruen Hotels Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai

Vivek Kumar

Vivek Kumar, F.IOD

Asst. Director-General
NTUC, Singapore

William F. Fawcett

William F. Fawcett, F.IOD

Haverford Bermuda Ltd. United States

Life Members, M.IOD

Abhijit Pati

Abhijit Pati, M.IOD

CEO - Aluminium Business
Vedanta Ltd. / Jharsuguda

Abraj T. Vettuparampil

Abraj T. Vettuparampil, M.IOD

Managing Director
Masa Concrete Plants India Pvt. Ltd.

Ajad Shrestha

Ajad Shrestha, M.IOD

Executive Director
Sujal Food Pvt. Ltd., Nepal

Ajay Goyal

Ajay Goyal, M.IOD

Managing Director
Megger India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

Ajit Subhas Shetty

Ajit Subhas Shetty, M.IOD

Deputy Vice President
HDFC Bank, Mumbai

Amitabh Lal Das

Amitabh Lal Das, M.IOD

Director & Head - Legal, Compliance and Regulatory
Max Life Insurance Company Ltd. / Gurgaon

Anand Singh

Anand Singh, M.IOD

Hanswahini Institute Of Science & Technology, Allahabad

Ananda Preetam Kumar

Ananda Preetam Kumar, M.IOD

Jt. General Manager Materials
NMDC Ltd., Hyderabad

Ananthakrishna Nagarajan

Ananthakrishna Nagarajan, M.IOD

Site Head, Operations Services Practice
Novartis Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. / Hyderabad

Anita Ramgopal Borulkar

Anita Ramgopal Borulkar, M.IOD

Vice President HR
Bharat Fritz Werner

Anjani Kumar Tiwari

Anjani Kumar Tiwari, M.IOD

Director - Finance
Gail (India) Ltd. / Noida

Anuja Sehgal

Anuja Sehgal, M.IOD

Principal Consultant
L&D, Noida

Anup Jalan

Anup Jalan, M.IOD

Growth Architect
Jalan Capitals Pvt. Ltd.

Anup Vaidya

Anup Vaidya, M.IOD

Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Tefabo Product Pvt. Ltd. / Bengaluru

Arvind Prabhu

Arvind Prabhu, M.IOD

Racenext Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

Ashok Kumar Prabhakar

Ashok Kumar Prabhakar, M.IOD

KPMG, Bengaluru

Ashok Malu

Ashok Malu, M.IOD

President & CS
Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd.

Ashok R. Kulkarni

Ashok R. Kulkarni, M.IOD

Managing Director
Nikitha Build-Tech Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

Ashok Tayal

Ashok Tayal, M.IOD

Independent Director
Shubh Consultants, Chandigarh

Ashok Vasudevan

Ashok Vasudevan, M.IOD

Managing Director
Festo India Pvt. Ltd.

Ashwin Kedia

Ashwin Kedia, M.IOD

Kedia Organisation, Nepal

Ayyap Hariharan

Ayyap Hariharan, M.IOD

General Manager
Precision Plastic Products Co. LLC, Dubai

B. L. Joshi

B. L. Joshi, M.IOD

Whole Time Director
Acmechem Ltd.
Ankleshwar (Gujrat)

Balaji Nagabhushan

Balaji Nagabhushan, M.IOD

Head Internal Control & Compliance
Dubai First, Dubai

Baljit Singh

Baljit Singh, M.IOD

Assistant Director (Legal)
National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority, Delhi

Bharat Kumar Lakai

Bharat Kumar Lakai, M.IOD

CCLRC, Nepal

Bhupendra Kumar

Bhupendra Kumar, M.IOD

Kelvinstar Bar Controls Pvt. Ltd.

Capt. Ajay Achuthan

Capt. Ajay Achuthan, M.IOD

Managing Director
Synergistic Solutions

Capt. Oliver Rajendra Prabhu Menezes

Capt. Oliver Rajendra Prabhu Menezes, M.IOD

Marine Superintendent

Capt. Shailendra Kumar Rai

Capt. Shailendra Kumar Rai, M.IOD

Auditor & Trainer (Marine)
Anglo Eastern Group

Capt. Tapas Majumdar

Capt. Tapas Majumdar, M.IOD

Deputy General Manager – Human Resources
Leighton Asia (India)

Cdr. Sudhir Kumar (Retd.)

Cdr. Sudhir Kumar (Retd.), M.IOD

SbSh Consultants & Services Pvt. Ltd.
Greater Noida

Chandra Shekar Vege

Chandra Shekar Vege, M.IOD

Managing Director
Goldfish Abode Pvt. Ltd.

Chandrasekara Raj Subbiah

Chandrasekara Raj Subbiah, M.IOD

Director - Digital Solutions
ENSTOA India Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru

Chintan Sharatchandra Shah

Chintan Sharatchandra Shah, M.IOD

Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai