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2024 - Winners' Digest - Business Excellence & Quality

2024 - Winners' Digest - Business Excellence & Quality

Realizing the need to disseminate achievements of Award winners to other businesses, Institute of Directors (IOD), has launched “Winners’ Digest”, which is being published annually in each Golden Peacock Award functional area, covering major initiatives of winners of Golden Peacock Awards in each respective categories.

This ‘Winners’ Digest’ on ‘Business Excellence & Quality’ contains brief corporate case studies of Winners of ‘Golden Peacock Award for Business Excellence & Quality of 2024. These success stories cover vital corporate winning initiatives, in the Business Excellence & Quality areas, concerning each of these winners. Sharing their major Business Excellence & Quality initiatives, processes, and achievements, will provide due publicity and raise the brand image of these award winning organizations, and help raise the general quality standards all around.

Here is the list of a few companies won: Tata Communications Limited, India | Evalueserve Holdings AG, Switzerland | UltraTech Cement Limited, Unit: Birla White, Jodhpur | JM Financial Limited, Mumbai


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