An opportunity to connect with business leaders & Board Experts Member of IOD, India. We welcome you to explore the unique training and networking platforms developed by the IOD. IOD has over the years grown to associate with around 30,000 senior executives from Govt, PSU and Private organisations. IOD organises a number of international events each year, in India and certain other select countries at UK, UAE and Singapore.

Our invitations are sent out selectively to the upper echelon of global enterprises and I assure you that you will be networking with the movers and shakers of the business community through this exclusive Membership.


Steering the organizations towards a sustainable future has become more chal-lenging for Boards in the VUCA world. The roles, responsibility and accountability of directors towards corporate governance, and its stakeholders have increased manifold. Directors need to equip themselves with adequate knowledge, adaptability, legal and ethical dynamism, and demonstrate managerial ethics and standards.

Over the past three decades, IOD has grown from strength to strength; connecting executives from the private, public and govt domains in India and across the globe. Today IOD has a network of over 30,000 Senior Executives equipping each one of them with a range of resources, professional expertise and above all exposure to the unique global networking opportunities.

As an apex professional body for directors in India and world, it has a number of regional offices in India, and a few global liaison centres to offer platforms for learning, networking and exchange of ideas.

Annually, some of the Distinguished Leaders in India and abroad, persons of eminence are admitted / felicitated as ‘IOD Distinguished Fellows’ for their outstanding contribution to public service and society. Late Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, was felicitated with the 1st ‘IOD Distinguished Fellow’, in the year 1994, who later became the Hon’ble President of India.



To maintain & enhance professional skills & knowledge of Members in the field of Corporate Leadership & Governance.


To set, maintain and advise on regulatory compliances, to ensure professionalism among the directors.


To update and keep Members informed on relevant current boardroom practices, laws, rules and court rulings.


To organize conferences, seminars and training programmes on corporate matters for updating & networking of directors.


To publish professional books, handbooks & other literature on subjects of interest for directors.


To provide Corporate facilities and services for Members, including advisory information, and library etc.


To advance the professional interests of Members.

Institutional Members