June 2020
Hastens Digital Transformation - Pradeep Chaturvedi
COVID-19 Economic Recovery, Climate Change and the Environment - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Green Manufacturing - Major General T. M. Mhaisale, VSM
The Vision 2020 Conundrum - Arun Balakrishnan
Turning Adversity into Opportunity – A Report
Leading Through Turbulent Times in Conversation with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - A Report
MSME News Flash
News & VIEWS

May 2020
Board Strategies in Promoting Innovative and Sustainable CSR Initiatives for Inclusive Growth - Mr. G. M. Rao
Integrating CSR into Corporate Strategy - Mrs. Rajashree Birla
Board Leadership for Strategising CSR - Mrs. Shallu Jindal
A Report on 14th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility
Proactive Steps Directors and Boards can Take in Tough Times - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Board’s Covid-19 Dilemma - Mr. Arun Balakrishnan
The Key to the New CSR Landscape - Understanding Climate Related Financial Risk - Mr. Mike Suffield
Significance of Sustainable Business Practices for a Sustainable World - Mr. J. C. Laddha
GIIS Virtual Classroom: School of the Future - Mr. Atul Temurnikar

March 2020
“Mission 5 Trillion: Talent, Technology and Transformation” Board Strategies in challenging Economic Conditions - Helen Brand OBE
A Special Session on MISSION $5 TRILLION: Talent, Technology and Transformation Board Strategies in challenging Economic Conditions February 04, 2020, New Delhi
Rethinking Leadership for Business Excellence and Innovation - Prof Colin Coulson-Thomas
A Special Session on FUTURE READY BOARDS & ACCOUNTANCY CAREERS IN 2020S Professional Accountants – A force for Driving Good Corporate Governance February 06, 2020, Bengaluru
Independence of Board - Reality or Sham? J.C Laddha
IOD Foundation - Launches New Initiatives
Regional Directors' Conclave January 25, 2020, Chennai
February 2020
Good Governance & Risk Management ensures Sustainable Growth & Resilience of Organizations - Peter Ong Boon Kwee
The Board's Risk Resilient Strategies - Jenny Gu
Board’s Risk Oversight - Appetite and Tolerance of Strategic and Financial Risks - O. N. Singh
Maintaining or Increasing Directorial Contribution - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Board's Risk Governance and Oversight - Martin Kimmig
Challenge and Change: Boardroom Driven Opportunities To Enable Resilient Enterprise? - A Report
January 2020
Embracing and Embedding Total Corporate Social Responsibility - Prof Colin Coulson-Thomas
The Human Factor – The Most Important Factor in the Board Room - Col. Sudip Mukerjee
IOD joins hand with IICA as Partner Independent Directors’ Databank - IOD News
Regional - IOD Directors' Conclave
Expansion of Technical Services to MSME - Dr. Om Parkash Mehta
December 2019
Reviewing Corporate Purpose, Strategic Direction and Board Responsibilities - Prof Colin Coulson-Thomas
Driving Global Corporate Excellence - Helen Brand OBE
The Importance of Good Corporate Governance - Paul George
Transforming the future is something that Dubai, and the United Arab Emirates as a whole, have spent a great deal of time thinking about.”- Feryal Ahmadi
Energy Policy and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – What is the Role of Directors? - Dr. Waddah S. Ghanem Al Hashmi & Steve Scalet
A complete report - 19th London Global Convention 2019
November 2019
Board’s Opportunities and Challenges for Corporate Governance and Sustainability: ESG-Based Incentive Plans Lead the Way -James F. Reda
The Future of Board Effectiveness -Vyla Rollins & Randall S. Peterson
Progress to Achieving Gender Diversity on Boards and in Senior Leadership of FTSE 350 Companies -Denise Wilson OBE
Rethinking Responsible and Ethical Governance and Risk Management -Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
A Report -Regional IOD MSME Summit 2019
Principles-Based or Rules-Based - how should Corporate Governance evolve in the UK? -Iain Wright
How gender diversity impacts Board Effectiveness -Sandrine Roseberg
How Sustainable is your Business? -Luke Manning & Andre Chanavat
Cybercriminal actions always have a purpose; A ransomware attack is one -Kersi P. Porbunderwalla
‘Courage under fire’-Andrew Roscoe & Rebecca Rentoul
The long view - responsible business is good business -Michael Lewis
Government Eases Norms to Promote MSE - Cluster Development Programme -Dr. Om Parkash Mehta
Dubai and India - An increasingly close Strategic Partnership -Feryal Ahmadi
October 2019
New Focus on Soft Skills - J. S Ahluwalia
Social and Environmental Value Creation - H.E. Jan Thompson OBE
Social and Environmental Value Creation for Finance - Robert Stenhouse
Directors, Boards and Crisis Management and Governance - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Role of Environmental Pollution and Waste Management in Ensuring Business Sustainability Through Innovation - Major General T. M. Mhaisale
CEOs ought to be Learning Ambassadors - Ram Krishna Sinha
An evening workshop on “Social & Environmental Value Creation” - New Delhi
An evening workshop on “Social & Environmental Value Creation” - Hyderabad
Corporate Governance Summit 2019 - Chennai
MSME - Credit Linked Capital Subsidy - Dr. Om Parkash Mehta
MSME News Flash
September 2019
Future Boards: Leading Strategy to embrace Sustainability - Lt.Gen. JS Ahluwalia, President, Institute of Directors
A Report on Directors’ Conclave & 29th IOD Annual Day 2019
Change, Continuity and Sustainability - Prof Colin Coulson-Thomas
Integrated Reporting: The Drive for Authenticity - Ms. Lucia Real-Martin, Lead Market Director, ACCA, UK
An Effective Board: Soul of a Company - Dr. Om Parkash Mehta
MSME NEWS FLASH - September 2019
NEWS AND VIEWS - September 2019
August 2019
Climate Change is impacting us in our daily lives - T. M. Vijay Bhaskar, IAS
Board strategies for leveraging digital and emerging technologies - Prof Colin Coulson-Thomas
A Report - 21st World Congress on Environment Management & Climate Change
Interview - Dominic Barton, Chair, IIRC - International Integrated Reporting Council Global Managing Partner Emeritus McKinsey & Company
Using markets to drive sustainable agricultural systems - Edward Millard
Corporate culture as a board priority - Mehnaaz Nadiadwala
News & Views - August2019
July 2019
Climate Neutrality - Ovais Sarmad
Climate collapse or Climate Change: The Indian Dilemma - Sudhir Mishra
Fresh Water Scenario in India: An overview - Tavinderpal Sidhu
Collaborative Solutions for Promoting Environment Ethos in Schools and Society - Livleen Kaur Kahlon
Providing Future Board Leadership - Prof Colin Coulson-Thomas
How can Women Directors Contribute to Excellence in Governance - Dolly Dhamodiwala
Journey of Excellence Needs Continuous Transformation - Prof. Rajendra P. Bharti
Climate Change Mitigation: Boost Ambition and Accelerate the Implementation - Pradeep Chaturvedi
We Do We Inspire Learning From Around The World
Sustainable Environment with focus on downturn of Air Pollution: Call for stage - Dr. Om Parkash Mehta
Effectively Integrating MSMEs Growth and Environment Sustainability - CS Bhagyashree Bardia
Regional MSME Convention - Hyderabad
Open House Discussion on Social and Environmental Value Creation
News & Views - July2019
June 2019
Building Better Boards: Assessing Board and Corporate Performance - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Climate change as a challenge for the ethical acting of companies in the global context - Dr. Rosamund Thomas
The enigma around shareholder primacy and role of future boards in accelerating its replacement - B. Nandagopal
An Interview with - Eugene Mayne
Fault-lines in scenario analysis in bank’s profit planning - P. D. Naik
A Report on - 235th Masterclass for Directors, Hyderabad
A Report on - IOD Members' Meet at Chennai
Public Procurement Measures Supporting Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) in the country - Dr. Om Parkash Mehta
MSME News Flash
News & Views
May 2019
Collaborative Leadership for Creative Environmental Strategy - Prof Colin Coulson-Thomas
The Directors' Role in Protecting Capitalism and Enhancing Corporate Sustainability - Dr. Larry Taylor
A Report on - 231st Masterclass for Directors Chennai
Dual Mechanism of Cluster Implementation of Technological Upgradation Approach: An Effective Intervention for MSMEs - Dr. Om Parkash Mehta
Equity Finance for SME Growth & Expansion - Dolly Dhamodiwala
MSME's - How to Thrive In Chaos - CMA Bhogavalli Mallikarjuna Gupta
National Guidelines on Responsible Business Conduct and Guidance for MSMEs by MCA - CS Bhagyashree Bardia
News and Views
April 2019
Building Tomorrow's Boards: Escaping from long shadows of the past - Prof Colin Coulson-Thomas
Reshaping Board's Strategy for Business Excellence through Creativity and Innovation - His Excellency Abdulla AI Saleh
IOD Distinguished Fellow 2019-HE Dr. Ahmed AI Banna
IOD Distinguished Fellow 2019-Mr. Mohamed Yahya Kazi Meeran
GPGA for Leadership in Economic Transformation 2019 - His Excellency Sultan bin Saeed AI Mansoori
GPGA for Lifetime Achievement in Business and Social leadership 2019 - Her Excellency Dr. Shaikha Ali Salem AI Masksri
KT Report - UAE-INDIA Relations Relishing 'Golden Era'
KT Report - IOD Excellence Awards Inspire UAE Corporates
KT Report - Firms not to Compromise on Innovation
IOD: Gradually becoming a game changer for Business Growth - Pradeep Chaturvedi
A Report on - Dubai Global Convention-2019
An Interview with H.E. Ahmed Bin Sulayem DMCC
BOARDPACK: Information Overload - A Report by ICAEW
News and Views
March 2019
Directors, Corporate Boards and MSMEs - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Chennai Regional MSME Summit 2019 - A Report
An Interview with Iain Wright, ICAEW
Bengaluru Regional Directors’ Conclave - A Report
Hyderabad Regional Knowledge Session: Director Compliances - A Report
#6 Confessions of a Strategy Coach - B. Nandagopal
News & Views
February 2019
Why tolerance is a Board Responsibility Issac John - Khaleej Times
Integrating CSR Mandate into Corporate Strategy Guest of Honour Address - Smt. Rajashree Birla
13th International Conference on CSR - A Report
IOD’s Foresight & ACCA Partnership Keynote Address - Ms. Helen Brand OBE
Directors' Symposium on Integrated Reporting - A Report
Board Leadership for Excellence and Innovation - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
An Interview with - Robert Stenhouse, ACCA
Global trends in Social Accountability - Abdul Dewale Mohammed
Changing face of CSR Implementation - Pradeep Chaturvedi
News & Views Feb 2019
January 2019
Board and Business Leader Priorities for a New Year - Prof Colin Coulson-Thomas
A Report on - 2018 Singapore Global Convention
An Interview: Atul Temurnikar
Holistic Support and Outreach Programme for the (MSME) Sector - Dr. Om Parkash Mehta
Cyber Security: The Emerging Challenges - Pradeep Chaturvedi
A Report: IOD’s visit to TATA Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai
News & Views Jan 2019
December 2018
UK-INDIA Trade Relations Speech by - Rt. Hon. Mark Field MP
A Report on-2018 London Global Convention
The MSME Spotlight: The Role of Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Govt. of India - Dr. Om Parkash Mehta
Universal Health Coverage for Prosperity and a Better World - Shobana Kamineni
Board's Ethical Perspectives and Risk Oversight - Helen Brand OBE
Trade is a part of DMCC's DNA - Gautam Sashittal
The 'Father of Derivatives in India' Interview by - Ashish Chauhan
Reviewing Corporate Social Responsibility: Questions for Directors - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Executive Compensation and Stock Buybacks: The Pros and the cons - James F. Reda
Board-Brained - B. Nandagopal
Emerging Risks in Tax - Shashishekhar Chaugule, FCA,B.Com
News & Views
November 2018
The Changing Challenges of Business Leaders and Their Risk Implications - Prof. Colin Coulson-thomas
Drivers of Economic, Social and Environmental Dimensions of Sustainability - CS Makarand Lele
Reshaping Business Excellence Through Technology - Kyle Whitehill
Boards that Lead: Building Corporate Governance & Sustainability Competency - Katharina Miller
A Director’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence - D. Krishna Chaitanya
A Report - DMCC Made for Trade Live Road Show supported by Institute Of Directors
A Report - Winners' Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility
News & Views
October 2018
Joining a First, Additional or Different Board: Questions for Directors - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Weaponasing The Indian Boardroom - B. Nandagopal
A Report : IOD - BSE Conference on Corporate Governance & New Reforms
A Report : Directors' Symposium Transformative Technologies
An Interview : Helen Brand OBE, Chief Executive, ACCA
Board role: Transition from Shareholders Management to Stakeholders Management - Bhanu Prakash Kalmath
Quality, Risk Management and Insider Threat - Pradeep Chaturvedi
A Report : IOD Directors’ Workshop in Pune
News & Views
September 2018
The Future of Corporate Governance - Prof Colin Coulson-Thomas
Reputation: The New Strategic Glue for Boards? - Dr. David Landsman OBE
Embrace Brand Citizenship - Anne Bahr Thompson
IND AS - Focus on Fair Value Measurement - Manish Saxena & Amit Bora
Cyber Security - A Board Issue - Nayan Mehta
Succession Planning - The Long Term View - Simon Lowe & Yaryna Kobel
Digital Transformation in Indian Companies - Pradeep Chaturvedi
News & Views
August 2018
Climate Change: The challenge of our generation - H.E. Joanna Kempkers
The Paris Agreement: Business we need you - Ovais Sarmad
Directors, Boards and Sustainability - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
A Report - 20 World Congress on - Environment Management and Climate Change
A Report - Hyderabad Regional Office Board Skills for Start-ups
Steward the future sustainability strategy for an organization - Dr. Waddah S. Ghanem Al Hashmi
Compliance to Privacy Policy for Directors - William Fawcett
Integrated Reporting and the Board - Vrushali Gaudleads
Emerging Trends in Indian Transfer Pricing - Fatema Hunaid & Amit Bhalla
July 2018
Supporting internal Supporters of the Board - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Balancing the Centigrade - An Energy Efficient Approach - Saurabh Kumar
Circular Economy for a Low Carbon Future - Sunil Jain
Environmental Pollution and How it can Trigger Antimicrobial Resistance - Tim Rutten
Global Climate related Financial Disclosures new Frontiers - Henry K. H. Wang
Saving the Environment - Mohini Daljeet Singh
The need for digitization in the Boardrooms of Corporate India - Rajitha Kuruppumulle
Key performance indicators for Sustainability evaluation in Indian Fertilizer Industry - Tauseef Siddiqui Zia & Anna Khan
Demystifying GDPR - Prashant Gupta
June 2018
Directors, Boards and Climate Change - Prof. Colin Coulson-thomas
Reshaping Business Excellence through Technology - H.E. Khurram Shroff
Leadership and Business Excellence - Pradeep Chaturvedi
Integrated thinking and Reporting towards Responsible Value Creation - Vrushali Gaud
How can the Board of Directors Walk the Anti-fraud and Compliance Talk? - Vidya Rajarao
Transformative Leadership for World Class Boards - Anil Sharma
Risk Management Factors - Amit Sunil Khaniwale
Corporate Success through Exceptional Governance Risk Management Strategy for Sustainable Growth - Avijit Gupta
VUCA to Excel in VUCA Environment - Prof. Rajendra P. Bharti
May 2018
Chief Guest Keynote Address - His Highness Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan
Inaugural Address - His Excellency Abdulla Al Saleh
Keynote Address - His Excellency Ahmed Sultan Bin Sulayem
Dubai Global Convention 2018 - A Report
Scepticism, Challenge and Trust in the Boardroom - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Institutionalizing Cyber Security Strategy - Akshay Garkel
Enhancing Business Excellence through Internal Audit - N. G. Shankar
MSME Directors Summit - A Report
Empowering MSMEs for National Growth - Amish Mehta
Q&A Interviews of the Month - Vijay Karia
News & Views - May 2018
April 2018
MSME Sector on Growth Path - Lt. Gen. J. S. Ahluwalia, PVSM (retd.)
A Report - on Annual Directors Conclave in Mumbai
Synergy, Flexibility and focus in the Boardroom - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
An Interview with Hari K. Marar MD and CEO, Bangalore International Airport Ltd.
The leadership of directors & corporate governance The making of high reliability organisations - Dr. Waddah S. Ghanem Al Hashmi
Technology in the Boardroom: Why a Board Portal is not enough - Chris Lawley
Leadership for Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Pradeep Chaturvedi
Innovation: Roles and Responsibilities of Boards of the Future - Bhanu Prakash Kalmath S. J. & Shalabh Saxena
NEWS & VIEWS - April 2018
March 2018
CSR Sits at the heart of any Responsible Enterprise - Gautam Sashittal
A Report - 12th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility
Excellence, Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
An Interview - Atul Temurnikar Co-founder & Chairman Global Schools Foundation (GSF) Singapore
How business can build future prosperity by Redefining Context, Risk and Opportunity With The Sustainable Development Goals - Jimmy Greer
India - Is there a need for Individual / Personal D&O Liability Insurance Policy? - P. Umesh
The Audit Revolution: MANDATORY FIRM ROTATION - CA Aasheesh Arjun Singh
News & Views
February 2018
Managing Risk and Building a Sustainable Business-Phil Cotter
Improving Board Effectiveness: Questions for Directors-Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
IOD & ACCA Reception
Internal Audit: A key Element of Organizational Governance-N. G. Shankar, FCA, CIA, CISA
CSR Trends in India: Since the Introduction of The Companies Act 2013-Rohit Bahadur
An Interview-Robert Cartwright, Jr.President, RIIMS, USA
Corporate Social Responsibility focus
IL&FS Transportation Networks Limited, Mumbai || Microsoft Corporation India (Pvt) Limited, Gurgaon
News & Views
January 2018
CSR: The Responsibility of being Responsible - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Singapore Global Convention-2017 - A Report
Environmental Ethics, Global Accountability - Neil Hodge
Board Evaluation: A Tool for good Corporate Governance - Harish HV & Bhanu Prakash Kalmath S. J.
Workshop on : Aligning Corporate Governance and Culture: What's in it for the Board? - A Report
News & Views
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