About the Program

The changing global business environment and transformational capabilities of the modern day disruptive technologies in enterprises have created tremendous business opportunities for professionals who poses creativity, innovative thinking ability and global vision. The bold initiatives taken by the Government of India (GOI) has empowered the young minds to transform their business ideas to sustainable business projects. The past few years have witnessed the introduction of numerous startups and SMEs emerging in India, where few accelerated with increasing momentum while many others vanished in the tick of time.

Proper orientation and training on various dimensions of start-up business creates an excellent platform for the leadership and mentors not only in taking right decisions rather to lead the enterprise to a sustainable business model.

The Institute of Directors (IOD), one among the top corporate leadership, empowerment and governance institutes in the country has been committed to train and develop visionary and competent start-up leadership in line with the UN SDG 2030 goals. The Masterclass for Startup Professionals has been scientifically designed to appropriately orient the participants in all aspects related to start-up business from ideation to exit strategies.

Successful completion of the high powered masterclass programme shall offer updated knowledge for startup leadership, and equip the participants with business wisdom to transform their organisation to the next level.

Why Masterclass For Startup Professionals?

The changing paradigms of the VUCA world exposes startup and SMEs with similar impact as larger corporates are peeled to. Hence, there is an increasing responsibility on startup leadership to nurture the entire organization to visualize and achieve strategic objectives. The Masterclass for Startup Professionals training programme offers Strategic Leadership with a holistic perspective on the management and governance of start-up business while operating in a complex and turbulent business environment.

The masterclass opens a whole new vista of opportunities for the startup leadership in business simplification and sustainability.



Sr No. Batch No. Format Place Dates Registration Link
1 Batch No. 2nd Virtual All India February 24, 25 & 26, 2023 Click here to Register