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Regional Summit on Promoting Entrepreneurship & Supporting MSMEs

    Date & Time

    (Saturday) July 22, 2023



    GRT Grand, T. Nagar, Chennai



    Promoting Entrepreneurship and supporting MSMEs: Tamil Nadu towards achieving $1 trillion economy by 2030


  • Honourable Thiru T.M. Anbarasan

    Honourable Thiru T.M. Anbarasan

    Minister of MSME
    Government of Tamil Nadu

  • Madumathi

    Tmt. Madumathi, IAS

    Managing Director
    TANSIDCO, Chennai

  • Shri Ravindran A.L.

    Ravindran A.L.

    General Manager
    Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI), Chennai

  • Vallery Rath

    Vallery Rath

    Chief General Manager
    Digital Business & Transformation Management Office / Exec. Secy. to MD & CEO / Secy. to Board, INDIAN BANK

  • SV Krishnan

    SV. Krishnan

    Whole Time Director
    & Global CFO – Redington

  • Bhranti Shah

    Bhranti Shah

    Sr. Vice President - Technical Underwriting for the Liability, Property and Marine policies for South Zone, HDFC ERGO, Chennai.

  • Sivarajah Ramanathan

    Sivarajah Ramanathan

    Mission Director & CEO
    Tamil Nadu Startup and Innovation Mission (TANSIM)

  • P.Ragunath

    P. Ragunath

    Hinduja Tech

  • Anand Chari

    Anand Chari

    Dy. General Manager
    SME & Startups Business Development, BSE

  • Dr. L.N. Rajaram

    Dr. L.N. Rajaram

    Kritilabs Technologies Pvt, Ltd, Chennai

  • Murali Sundaram

    Murali Sundaram

    Madras Mind Works

  • Rajat Baid

    Rajat Baid

    Founding Partner
    Srujan Alpha Capital Advisors LLP, Mumbai

  • mythili

    Mythili Parthasarathy

    Madras Mind Works

  • CA Dr. Gopal Krishna Raju

    CA Dr. Gopal Krishna Raju

    Chartered Accountant
    Insolvency Professional & Registered Valuer

  • sb-chandrashekaran

    SB Chandrashekaran

    Consultant and Advisor
    on FMCG & Retail verticals for MSMEs and StartUps

  • Many More....


  • Building a Robust Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
  • Cluster Development
  • The eco-system facilitating self-employment-State Govt's initiative & Support
  • The role of Big Corporates in promoting Small Start-ups and support systems and Intrapreneurs
  • Business Road map to Capital Market
  • Banks and other Financial Institutions as Catalysts for developing Entrepreneurship
  • The Major and prospective areas of Growth in Tamil Nadu-towards$ 1 Trillion economy
  • The Human Factors(HRM)for shaping entrepreneurship
  • Global Experience -Takeaways - Case Studies.
  • Let us hand overa better world to the next generation
  • Corporate Governance in MSMEs


IOD Regional Summit is based on Tamil Nadu CM's statement “We want Tamil Nadu to be one of the best states in South Asia. Our government's target is to make Tamil Nadu a USD 1 trillion economy.” The state's current exports stand at USD 26 billion. Is it possible to achieve the goal in just nine years? Industrial climate prevailing in Tamil Nadu makes the state a lucrative destination for investors from all sectors. The goal can be achieved due to proactive measures being taken by the government. The industry has put its weight behind the government in ensuring that the ambitious goal is achieved. MSMEs in India contribute 30% of our GDP and employ 100 million people.

The above Summit would explore the Business, Industries & Government inputs on achieving the ambitious target - $ One Trillion Economy by 2030. This Summit is a platform, conceptualized to create opportunities for learning and sharing knowledge among the members, directors & organizations covering on Entrepreneurship with special focus on achieving $ 1 trillion economy by 2030. It would be a major networking event of the year to evolve a suitable model to attain the trillion dollar vision, with expected participation of organisations and around 100+ business leaders, industrialists, policy makers, parliamentarians, governance and professionals from all over the State. IOD is working diligently in bringing the most potential and contributing State Government representatives and leaders in the industry to explore and deliberate on the above theme to realize the dream.


This Summit has series of technical sessions and panel discussion on cutting edge issues related to Entrepreneurship, industry and economy, MSMEs along with many opportunities for networking and socializing with our members.



State Government representatives, Diplomats, Bureaucrats, Industrialist, Manufacturers, Trade Commissioners & Associations Councils, IOD Members, Chamber of Commerce and so on….. Join us on our journey to help the state become the next Knowledge Capital and Innovation Hub strategizing on promoting Entrepreneurship and in turn supporting MSMEs…..


  • For Members Fee: Complimentary
  • Non IOD Members: 2300


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