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Regional Directors’ Conclave 2024

    Date & Time

    Friday | Feb 23, 2024 | 0900 - 1800 hrs. (IST)



    Jio World Convention Centre, BKC, Mumbai



    Mitigating Risk Through Effective Corporate Governance


    Deependra Singh Kushwah, IAS

    Deependra Singh Kushwah, IAS

    Development Commissioner (Industries) & Chairman (MAITRI)


    P. D. Maliknar

    P. D. Malikner, IAS

    Managing Director
    Maharashtra Industrial Township Limited (MITL)



    Sitaram Kunte, IAS (Retd.)

    Former Chief Secretary
    Government of Maharashtra


  • Balfour Manuel

    Balfour Manuel

    Managing Director
    Blue Dart Express Ltd.

  • Prajakta Kotasthane

    Prajakta Kotasthane

    Managing Director
    Shriram Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd.

  • Hersh Shah, SIRM

    Hersh Shah, SIRM

    CEO – IRM India Affiliate

  • B. Renganathan

    B. Renganathan

    Corporate Law Advisor

  • Dr. Brinda Jagirdar

    Dr. Brinda Jagirdar

    Economist & Independent Director, IDFC First

  • Pravin Sawant

    Pravin Sawant

    Sr. VP & CHRO
    63 Moons Technologies Ltd

  • Sreeji-Gopinathan

    Sreeji Gopinathan

    Global CIO

  • Shaji Jose

    Shaji Jose

    CEO & Partner
    Rockfort Advisories/ Certified Independent Director

  • Chirag Naik

    Chirag Naik

    Associate Partner
    MZM Legal LLP

  • Rajesh Jogi

    Rajesh Jogi

    Non Executive Director
    Ujjivan Small Finance Bank & Xander Finance Pvt. Ltd

  • C. Ramulu

    C. Ramulu

    Former Finance Director
    Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited

  • PN Shetty

    PN Shetty

    MSME Bharat Manch & Founder & CEO
    RupeeBoss Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.

  • Dharmarajan Sankara Subrahmanian

    Dharmarajan Sankara Subrahmanian

    Founder & CEO
    Impactsure Technologies

  • Khyati Maheshwari

    Khyati Maheshwari

    CFO & Executive Director (South Asia)
    Wella Company

  • Sujata Seshadrinathan

    Dr. Sujata Seshadrinathan

    Director - Strategies & IT
    Basiz Fund Services

  • Shourya K. Chakravarty

    Shourya K. Chakravarty

    Chief Human Resources Officer
    Aptech Limited

  • CA. R. Jayaprakash

    CA. R. Jayaprakash

    Finance Professional
    Mentor & Advisor to early stage entrepreneurs

  • Aliasgar S. Mithwani

    Aliasgar S. Mithwani

    Chief General Manager

  • and more....


  • Auric
  • Shriram-Rubber


  • Blue Dart Express Ltd


  • Government support through Investment in Infrastructure
  • Corporate Finance Strategies for Thriving in the World's 3rd Largest Economy
  • Risk Mastery 2.0: Cultivating Foresight and Resilience in a VUCA World
  • Empowering the MSME sector through Finance: Role of Government & Large Enterprises
  • Board dynamics and enhancing efficiency of various Board Committees


In the highly dynamic corporate ecosystem of India, success depends on a diverse set of complex factors, with physical, financial and tech infrastructure playing a pivotal role. Aspects like transportation, energy and technology are the key enablers that foster innovation, employment and societal progress, in turn driving economic development. It is in this context that the investments in these sectors become the bedrock for improving the overall quality of life and ease of doing business through its multiplier effect on the growth figures. The benefits of a robust infrastructure extends way beyond than just attracting investments; it also facilitates movement and establishes the foundation for resilience, making infrastructure firms indispensable for a thriving society. This can be substantiated by the estimates provided by the World Bank, wherein it has been established that a 10 percent increase in infrastructure assets directly translates into a 1 percentage point rise in GDP.

India’s overall infrastructure assets have been on the upswing in the recent past with newer and path-breaking projects enhancing India’s business perspective and profile. Considering the scale and scope of emerging infrastructure projects in India, there is a strong case for embracing risk management for future projects. A strategic approach, from capital structuring decisions to risk management, is imperative for sustainable growth and a competitive edge in the domestic as well as the international market.

It is essential that in the process of mitigating risk, India’s corporate ecosystem comes up with an ingenious approach to navigate the challenges posed by its corporate financial landscape. At the same time, rapid technological advancements and global uncertainties have meant that foresight and resilience have become the indispensible variables in deciphering business growth prospects. This adoption of a forward-looking risk management approach empowers businesses to be flexible and thrive in the face of uncertainties, ensuring long-term viability.

A major stakeholder in India’s growth story is the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) and in this regard it is imperative that government and large corporations come up with policies and packages that can help them thrive in challenging times. Role of Finance and banking policies also become very crucial as they provide vital support, fostering entrepreneurship, creating jobs, and contributing significantly to economic growth. The central fulcrum for these policies to be conceived and reach fruition is the boardroom and the leaders who partake in its operation. A well-functioning board, equipped with diverse skills, ensures effective decision-making and strategic planning. Efficient board committees, like audit, compensation, and nomination and remuneration committees; promote transparency, accountability, and ethical practices, crucial for building trust in Corporate India. All this culminates into good corporate governance practices which subsequently will add value to the overall growth and development story of India.


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