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    Date & Time

    Friday | May 24, 2024 | 0900 - 1800 hrs. (IST)



    Grand Sheraton, Pune



    Technological Horizons: Shaping Corporate Governance in the Digital Landscape



    Sitaram Kunte, IAS (Retd.)

    Hony. Chairman IOD Western Region & Former Chief Secretary
    Govt. of Maharashtra


    Yashasvi Yadav

    Yashasvi Yadav, IPS

    Sr. Inspector General Police of Maharashtra Cyber Department


    Dr. Harold D'Costa

    Dr. Harold D'Costa

    Cyber Security Corporation


  • P. D. Malikner, IAS

    P. D. Malikner, IAS

    Managing Director
    Maharashtra Industrial Township Limited

  • Deependra Singh Kushwah, IAS

    Deependra Singh Kushwah, IAS

    Development Commissioner (Industries), Chairman (MAITRI)

  • O P Bhatt

    O. P. Bhatt

    Independent Director
    HUL, Tata Steel Ltd. & TCS (Former Chairman, SBI)

  • Prakash Apte

    Prakash Apte

    Kotak Mahindra Bank

  • Dr. Ganesh Natarajan

    Dr. Ganesh Natarajan

    Independent Director, SBI
    & Chairman, Honeywell Automation India Limited

  • V. S. Parthasarathy

    V. S. Parthasarathy

    Independent Director
    LIC of India & Vice Chairman, Allcargo Logistics Limited


  • Innovation and Digital Transformation: Evolution of Corporate Governance
  • Manufacturing Industries Utilizing Information Technology
  • Advancing Corporate Governance: Principles and Practices
  • Digitalization and Innovation: The Bedrock of an Organization’s future Growth


As industries navigate the evolving digital landscape, the imperative to adapt, innovate, and safeguard governance frameworks has never been more pressing. The conference serves as a crucible for dialogue, exploration, and collaboration, aiming to chart a course towards sustainable and resilient governance practices in an era defined by rapid technological advancement. Innovation and Digital Transformation in the era of evolution of Corporate Governance serves as a fitting preamble to the conference's overarching theme. It casts a spotlight on the transformative potential of innovative technologies in reshaping corporate governance paradigms. From blockchain and big data analytics to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the advent of the digital era offers unprecedented opportunities for enhancing efficiency, driving innovation, and unlocking new business models. Government initiatives play a pivotal role in this regard, laying the groundwork for robust cybersecurity frameworks and data protection strategies that safeguard organizational integrity in an increasingly digitized world.

In the realm of manufacturing industries, information technology (IT) emerges as a catalyst for transformation. The Internet of Things (IoT) heralds a new era of real-time monitoring and optimization, empowering manufacturers to fine-tune processes and drive operational excellence. Advanced robotics and automation systems promise to revolutionize production, enhancing efficiency and flexibility while reducing reliance on manual labour. Meanwhile, IT solutions for supply chain management streamline operations, fostering agility and responsiveness in the face of evolving market dynamics. In the realm of advancing Corporate Governance, principles and practices come under scrutiny. Transparency and accountability emerge as foundational pillars, underpinning trust and credibility in business operations. Ethical leadership and integrity are essential virtues, guiding organizations through complex ethical dilemmas and ensuring alignment with societal values. Board diversity and independence foster robust governance structures, enriching deliberations with diverse perspectives and mitigating the risks of groupthink.

Digitalization and Innovation is emerging as the bedrock of an organization's future growth. The evolution of the banking and insurance sectors serves as a case in point, where technological innovations have reshaped customer experiences, operational efficiencies, and risk management practices. AI-driven fraud detection and prevention mechanisms offer a potent defence against financial crime, safeguarding organizational assets and preserving trust in financial institutions. Venture capital plays a pivotal role in fuelling this ecosystem, mapping the investment landscape and channelling resources towards high-potential ventures that drive inclusive growth and prosperity.

As organizations navigate the complex terrain of technological horizons, the imperative to embrace innovation, transparency, and accountability has never been more urgent. Through collective endeavour and collaboration, we can unlock new pathways to sustainable and inclusive growth, ensuring that the promise of technology is harnessed for the benefit of all.


  • Open to IOD Members & Non-Members
  • Complimentary ONLY for IOD Members (Active)
  • For Non-IOD Members: Rs. 5900/- (including 18% GST)
  • Pre-registration required; walk-in registration not available

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