December 2013
Future Challenges for Public Sector Leaders, Sir Leigh Lewis
Board Evaluation-A Window into the Boardroom, Cristina Ungureanu
CSR-Being Good is Better, Rekha Sethi
Re-thinking Corporate Social Responsibility, Colin Coulson-Thomas
Corporate Governance-Best Board Practices, J Sundharesan
Sustainability in Practice, Sanjeev Minocha
New Directions of Corporate Social Responsibility in India, Pradeep Chaturvedi
November 2013
Corporate Governance: A Mechanism for Monitoring Actions, Rt Hon. Lord Swraj Paul
Good Corporate Governance is a Working System, Navin M Raheja
Creating value through governance: Towards a New Accountability, Paul Moxey, Adrian Berendt
Companies Act 2013: Salient Features, Nesar Ahmad
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)-the new paradigm shift in Corporate Management, Gayatri Subramaniam
Reflections on London Global Convention 2013, Prof Colin Coulson-Thomas
October 2013
Companies to spend Rs 15,000-20,000 crore a year on CSR, Sachin Pilot
Profiting from your Business by turning it into a Cause, Rajshree Birla
Integrated Approach for Environmental Sustainability , Pradeep Chaturvedi
Ignorance is Not Bliss, Jennifer Sundberg
Knowledge Management and the Boardroom, Prof Colin Coulson Thomas
Corporate Governance International Models And Legal Environment, Dr. V.K. Agnihotri, IAS
September 2013
Companies Act-2013 Emphasis on Independent Directors, Sachin Pilot
Green Economy – Corporate Responsibility & Accountability, Lt Gen (retd) Surinder Nath
We don't need to be perfect.. Just a harder target than the next organization, Saguna Sodhi
Corporate Governance & Sustainability: Key Questions for London Global Convention 2013, Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Global Business Initiatives for Just and Transformative Development Agenda, Pradeep Chaturvedi
Corporate Governance Rating Can Make a Difference, Kumar Mangalam Birla
Reforms to director compensation need to occur, Richard Leblanc
Driving green economy through cement kiln co processing for Sustainable Development, Ulhas Parlikar
August 2013
CENTRAL PUBLIC Sector Enterprises; Challenges in Post LIBERALISED ERA - R.Bandyopadhyay, IAS (retd.)
CORPORATE DIRECTORS: “You hold much of our FUTURE IN YOUR HANDS” - Richard Leblanc
Organization for Non-Executive Independent Directors (ONEID) - Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee, IAS, Honorary Founder Chairman ONEID
July 2013
European Leaders Must Lead from the Front
Addressing Environmental Challenges and Opportunities
Strategies and Innovations for Sustainable Development in Organisations
Good Corporate Governance : A game changer for sustainability strategies
Building and Leveraging A High Performance Board For Sustainability
India : Growth to Resume ?
June 2013
I would be stunned if any of you felt that your business doesn't take Corporate Responsibility very seriously
How the World class performance in aviation sector has helped to carry forward the Dubai symbol worldwide
Business Excellence : Key to Achieving World Class Performance
The Tata Business Excellence Model
Corporate Social Responsibility a critical cog in the wheel of development
Business Excellence Model
May 2013
Impact of Knowledge Management on Business Excellence
Structuring & Functioning of Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
Sustainability and Innovation
Excellence in Corporate Governance; Challenges Within?
Impact of Knowledge Management on Business Excellence
Inauguration of IOD TNSC
April 2013
IOD Signs MOU with ICAI
What a Board Expects from Management, and What Management Expects from a Board
Mainstreaming Corporate Social Responsibility- Companies Bill 2012
Sustainable Inclusive Growth in India through Quality and Innovation
Rather zoom in on Board Chairman Relationship with CEO
To Business Excellence and Beyond
The leadership consequences of the changing relationship
Emerging Economies: Shapers and Makers In Changing Landscape
March 2013
Integrity : Regenerating Boards for Quality Leadership
Leadership and Good Governance
Building Dynamic Links with Asia through Business and Culture
Amazing Sanmina Story
February 2013
Companies Bill 2012 : A Catalyst for the Regeneration of Corporate boards ?
Ethics in A Global and Contextual Business : The Role of Education
CSR - The Heart of Corporate Governance
Shifting The Policy Focus To Promote Innovation Responses For Sustainable Development
Quality of Citizen-Centric Services in India
January 2013
Governance, Risk and Performance
DEMOcaracy – MON(K)EYcracy - The Great Illusion –
Sustainable Development and Inclusive Growth

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