December 2012
Global Trends, Challenges and Opportunities of Development
Note on Independence of Independent Director
Quality Leadership for Sustainability A preview of the 23rd World Congress on Total Quality
Corporate Governance Challenges in a Disparate World
November 2012
Nature Sets the Limits in a Sustainable World
New Governance & Sustainability Reflections on the London Global Convention 2012
Europe Matters to India. India Matters to Europe. The Question is - How Much ?
October 2012
Beginning of next generation Corporate Governance.
How Should boards manage Change
An entrepreneur's perspective on the global context for Sustainability Dialogue
Leveraging Sustainability for Economic Profit
August - September 2012
Innovation tool for Designing Environment
New Sustainable Development Initiative
Panel moots mandatory 2
Sustainability – What Does It Mean to Business
Sustainable Energy for All
June - July 2012
Adopt Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for Sustainability
Business Sustainability - Path to a Green Economy
Driving Sustainable Business Growth through Green Economy
Public Participation in Eia
Reassessing Governance and Sustainability
Stakeholders Should Evolve Models of Best Practices
Sustainable Business Through Green Economy
Sustainable Integrated Reporting System and Compliance with Environmental Laws
April 2012
Companies Bill 2011 - Changing Face of Indian Company Law - Part 2
Talent Management and Creating High Performance Organisations
Full Paper on CSR with CBR Model
Presentation on Inter-linking of Rivers in India
March 2012
Companies Bill 2011 - Changing Face of Indian Company Law - Part 1
Engaging People and Enabling Socially Responsible Behaviour

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