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IOD's MSME division envisions providing a holistic platform to facilitate growth and competitiveness of the MSME sector and their professional development, especially Start-Up enterprises. Set up in 2018 to meet its MOU commitment with Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India. It is responsible to organise structured courses for training MSME and Micro-Finance units in leadership, legal & governance knowledge, and skills for managing business growth, digitisation and service delivery.

The MSME Factsheet

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are crucial for the economic growth and stability of any country and play a vital role especially for developing countries as they facilitate economic activity and provide employment, thus contributing to poverty reduction. In the Indian context, with over 30% contribution to GDP and employing more than 11.1 crore people (the second largest after agriculture), the MSME can be considered as the backbone of national economy.

One of the prime challenges faced by the sector today is lack of adequate and timely access to finance. Over 78% of MSMEs rely on self-financing to meet their credit requirements.

It is beyond doubt that MSME sector has to reflect on strong ethical corporate governance practices and financial reporting procedures to overcome the problems of access to funding, availability of skilled labor and technology, infrastructure and raw materials etc.


IOD's MSME division envisions providing a holistic platform to facilitate growth and competitiveness of the MSME sector. It aims to become a pioneer body for the professional development of the MSME sector, especially the thriving start-up enterprises. At IOD, we appreciate the diversity and the challenges that MSME's bring with themselves and we aim to address them through a portfolio of activities spanning from training to specialized award system.

  • Training and Interactions such as seminars and workshops.
  • Engaging in documentation and research on MSMEs practices.
  • Encouraging cluster development initiatives
  • Using our pivotal crosscutting position to create synergy among various facets of the MSME sector.
  • A curated newsletter focused on latest happenings in the MSME Sector
  • Specialized Training for MSME Directors & Senior Management
  • Golden Peacock Award for MSE Business Excellence
  • IOD special Membership benefits for Micro & Small Enterprises

The training course offers information on a range of training modules, relevant to MSME Directors, executives and Sr. Professionals.

  • The Finance Fundamentals The module provides inclusive insights into government schemes for MSMEs, modes of financing, credit rating, Export & Import Transactions, lending tools, International support for MSMEs, assessing financial health of a business and understanding Annual Financial Statements.
  • Building Quality driven and environmentally conscious enterprises In this module, participants will learn about the implementation of 5S approach at workplace, along with deciphering the TQM & Change Management process and how to assess and minimize the negative environmental impact of their operation.
  • Incubation, Entrepreneurship & Operational Efficiency This will entwine participants with the concepts of entrepreneurship and how to successfully incubate and take maximum leverage of such incubation services. Participants will also be acquainted with the skills for preparing low investment
  • Stimulating Brand Building & Effective Outreach in a digitized economy The Digital thrust has shrunken the geographical boundaries and every enterprise now has the potential to think locally but act globally. Absorbing this changing trend, in this module, participants will engage knee deep with the newer forms of marketing, social media, retailing and building their brands.
  • The Essential Skill Kit for an Enterprise's Sustained Growth This module includes business communication, interpersonal and strategic decision making skills, cultural analysis, risk concepts, along with mastering how to prepare and communicate effective powerful presentations, prepare projects and manage risk at the entity level.
  • Transformative Technologies and its applicability to MSMEs Emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain & Internet of Things (IoT) enable executives to envision new business models and create differentiated products and services for customers, with a special focus on encouraging innovation and protecting intellectual rights.

The purpose of this course is capacity building of MSMEs with special focus on Micro and Small subsectors. This course is designed for Independent, nominated and executive MSME Directors, Partners, Owners, Presidents, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Fund Managers, Management Analysts, Consultants, Academicians, Corporate Lawyers and other executives, who are keen to serve the MSME sector.