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1 Business Ethics  

This handbook is a brief condensed account of Corporate and Social Ethics and has been prepared with special focus on its utility for Corporate Directors and the Boards. The handbook also includes Corporate and SEBI laws applicable to Directors, in connection with Business Ethics.
Mr. Suresh Thawani  500
2 Change Management  

The handbook on Change Management is a condensed guide for Corporate Directors and Executive Management. It covers the types, dimensions, approaches and dynamics of Change Management in today's scenario. This book represents comprehensive coverage of change management concepts - Individual Change Management, Organizational Change Management and Change Competency.
Prof. (Dr.) Bala Krishna Moorthy  300
3 Corporate Governance  

This handbook is on Corporate Governance. Corporate Governance is about creating value for all stakeholders of the organisation in a sustained manner by following legal and ethical means. It is also important to understand why companies need to follow good corporate governance practices. Equally important is to understanding why organisations should have good corporate governance practices and how they should improve these practices. In this edition, we have carefully incorporated all the updated versions and interpretations of Companies Act, 2013 along with amendments to rules.
Lt. Gen. Surinder Nath, PVSM, AVSM (Retd)  500
4 Corporate Social Responsibility  

This handbook can be used as a primer on Corporate Social Responsibility. As such, it contains information on how to assess the effects of business activities on stakeholders, develop and implement a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and commitments, and measure, evaluate and report on performance and engage with stakeholders, in the context of the Companies Act, 2013.
Mr. Pradeep Chaturvedi  350
5 Corporate Sustainability  

This Handbook highlights Environmental groups and other public entities, emphasize the necessity of business sustainability to achieve a global economy that supports today's population and the projected 9 billion people by 2050. The corporate sustainability identifies all areas considered key for a comprehensive and coherent sustainable business strategy, governance, stakeholder engagement, disclosure and performance.
Dr. S. N. Pati  250
6 Emotional Intelligence for Organizational Excellence  

The Handbook on Emotional Intelligence is a brief condensed account of what Emotional Intelligence is, how it is related to Organizational Excellence, and how it affects corporate strategy. It covers the multidisciplinary and multifaceted nature of Emotional Intelligence.
Maj. Gen. N.K. Dhir  250
7 Enterprise Risk Management  

This handbook is on Enterprise Risk Management. It provides a structured integrated, holistic approach towards a sustainable system of Managing Risks. For an organization to build a sustainable model for creating long term shareholder value, effective management of these risks is of significant importance.
Mr. Avijit Gupta  500
8 Environment Management System  

This Handbook highlights opportunities and challenges facing the industries, engaged in the processes of Environmental Management for ensuring environmental, social & financial sustainability. It is intended as an informational tool for boardroom professionals, their staff, and their executive management. The areas highlighted include Climate Change, Energy, Water and Waste Management, EMS-ISO14001 certification systems, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI-4), Environment Management Tools, and Environmental Sustainability Aspects.
Dr. S. N. Pati  250
9 Innovation Management  

The Handbook on Innovation is a brief condensed account of what innovation is; how it is developed and managed, and how it affects corporate competitive strategy. It covers the multidisciplinary and multifaceted nature of innovation, it's types, levels and criteria. It gives broad insights into the field of Innovation and Creativity. The Handbook presents many facets of innovation, including it's nature, it's development, it's measurement, it's management and it's social and cultural context.
Maj. Gen. Tajuddin Mhaisale  400
10 Internal Audit  

The Handbook on Internal Audit covers the fundamentals on internal audit and discusses the internal audit process, tools and techniques used by internal auditors and the statutory provisions relating to internal audit. It also includes guidance on the role of internal audit in areas such as governance, enterprise risk management, internal financial controls and fraud. The handbook provides functional understanding of the subject and is an effective tool for directors even with no background of audit.
Mr. N. G Shankar  450
11 Strategy through Balanced Scorecard  

Covers the multi-disciplinary and multi-faceted nature of performance management, its criteria, its development and management. It gives broad insights into the field of strategy building and performance measurement through various facets of balanced Scorecard.
Lt.Gen. J.S Ahluwalia, PVSM (Retd)  350
12 The Role of Independent Directors  

Handbook for 'Independent Directors' has a special role in enhancing the effectiveness of the board and sustainability of the organization. It incorporates references and details of the concerned Act and Rules in the text. I am sure all directors, in addition to Independent Directors, shall find this handbook as a handy professional document for quick reference, at all times.
Lt. Gen. Surinder Nath, PVSM, AVSM (Retd)  400

Winners Digest Name
S.No. Winners Digest Year Price/Book Quantity
1 Corporate Ethics, Innovation Management & Risk Management

Winners of Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Ethics, Innovation Management & Risk Management
2 Corporate Governance

Winners of Golden Peacock Corporate Governance
3 Corporate Social Responsibility

Winners of Golden Peacock Corporate Social Responsibility
4 Environment Management,Eco-Innovation

Winners of Golden Peacock Environment Management, Eco-Innovation & Energy Efficiency
5 HR Excellence

Winners of Golden Peacock HR Excellence
6 Innovation Management

Winners of Golden Peacock Innovation Management
7 Innovative Product/Service

Winners of Golden Peacock Innovative Product/ Service
8 Occupational Health & Safety

Winners of Golden Peacock Occupational Health & Safety
9 Quality & Business Excellence

Winners of Golden Peacock Quality & Business Excellence
10 Risk Management

Winners of Golden Peacock Risk Management & Corporate Ethics
11 Sustainability

Winners of Golden Peacock Sustainability
12 Training

Winners of Golden Peacock - Training
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