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Due Diligence for IDs


    Staying Vigilant: Due Diligence for Independent Directors


    Date & Time

    18 July, 2024
    4:00 PM to 5:30 PM



    Complimentary & Open to All


Stepping into the role of an Independent Director involves a series of critical evaluations and understanding of numerous aspects of the company you will be serving. This webinar, organised by the Institute of Directors (IOD), India delves deep into the essential practices and considerations for effective due diligence that prospective Independent Directors must undertake before joining a board.

Learn from experienced board members and governance experts who will guide you through the practical steps and strategies for assessing board dynamics, financial health, legal responsibilities, and much more.


    G. Mahalingam

    G. Mahalingam

    Former Whole Time Member
    SEBI Independent Director on Multiple Boards (DSP Pension Fund Managers, Care Ratings, CDSL, IIBX, IL&FS, City Union Bank, et al.)


    Ashish Makhija

    Ashish Makhija

    Managing Attorney
    AMC Law Firm


  • S. Santhanakrishnan

    S. Santhanakrishnan

    Senior Managing Partner
    at PKF Sridhar & Santhanam LLP
    Independent Director on Multiple Boards (ICICI Home Finance, PKF Proserv, et al.)

  • Ch. S. S. Mallikarjunarao

    Ch. S. S. Mallikarjunarao

    Former MD & CEO
    Punjab National Bank
    Independent Director on Multiple Boards (Axis Bank Ltd., Indian Financial Technology and Allied Services, et. al.)

  • Sushmita Ghatak

    Sushmita Ghatak

    Former MD & CEO
    ICRA Analytics Ltd.


  • Understanding the Legal and Regulatory Landscape:
    Key Considerations for Independent Directors
  • Assessing Organizational Culture and Values:
    A Critical Step in Board Due Diligence
  • Financial Health Check:
    Evaluating the Company's Financial Position and Performance
  • Scrutinizing Board Composition and Governance Structure:
    Ensuring Fit and Alignment
  • Navigating Potential Conflicts of Interest:
    Strategies for Independent Directors
  • Risk Assessment and Management:
    Identifying and Mitigating Risks Before Board Membership
  • Reputation and Ethics Audit:
    Investigating the Company's Public Image and Ethical Standards
  • Industry and Market Analysis:
    Evaluating Sector Trends and Competitor Landscape
  • Engaging Stakeholders: Understanding the Perspectives of Shareholders, Employees, and Customers
  • Due Diligence Checklist: Practical Steps and Resources for Independent Directors

Join our focused webinar on “Due Diligence for Independent Directors" where board members & governance experts will cover key strategies for effective Board Due Diligence.

We invite you to participate in this exclusive Webinar



  • Independent Directors
  • Board Members
  • C-Suite
  • Compliance Professionals

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