dt-december-2019 Over 400 Business Participants join and deliberate on 'Board's Opportunities and Challenges’ at the 2019 London Global Convention

Director Today | December 2019

Gopichand P. Hinduja announces the offer of his Group extending its investments in the Indian State of Madhya Pradesh. The Rt. Hon. Lord Swraj Paul of Marylebone, PC suggested that what boards need to be careful about boils down to honesty of purpose. Sandip Somany, President, FICCI & Vice Chairman & MD, HSIL traced the history of economic growth of India. Dr. Rajesh Rajora, IAS, Principal Secretary, Department of Industrial Policy & Investment Promotion, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh, India outlined the investment opportunities in his State. R. Madhavan, Chairman and MD, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited outlined HAL's contributions in different arenas. Eugene Mayne, Founder and Group CEO, Tristar Group, UAE talked about ‘business as a purpose rather than just for profit’.

dt-november-2019 Board Leaders and Boardroom Experts will be congregating at the London Global Convention 2019

Director Today | November 2019

2019-London Global Convention on Corporate Governance & Sustainability to discuss and deliberate sound corporate governance practices and strategies for Sustainability in the Boardroom, and draft a road map for accelerating Board Effectiveness.

dt-october-2019 New Focus on Soft Skills

Director Today | October 2019

The topic of skills development is a fundamental, and non-negotiable issue and action is needed now. Investing in the skills, for transition to a sustainable economy is the best preparation for a successful future. Businesses need to ensure a policy for a new skills framework is in place to develop the flexibility and resilience to succeed. Skills policy and support needs to address the skill gaps at all levels.

dt-september-2019 Board Governance is key to wealth creation. Globally, all attention is now shifting towards Board Effectiveness.

Director Today | September 2019

Recently a large number of Board Directors and Board Experts came together in Delhi to discuss on 'Future Boards & Reshaping Board's Strategy' at the IOD's Annual Directors Conclave and also on its 29th IOD Annual Day.

dt-august-2019 Our Mother Earth is having fever

Director Today | August 2019

Experts & participants are urged to bring industries and people together to explore collaborative leadership for environmental protection and to mitigate climate change.

Our Earth's average surface temperature has already increased by 1.4º F. It was also felt that spreading the message and dissemination of knowledge on adapting to impact of climate change is vital, so as to support management of extraordinary risks associated with it.

dt-july-2019 21st World Congress on Environment Management and Climate Change 2019, also Presentation of Golden Peacock Awards

Director Today | July 2019

The 20 century was marked for creating a host of environment problems. The 21 century now, bears the burden of resolving them and preventing fresh emergence. Environmental issues are intertwined with cultural and socio-economic issues, under the 'Sustainability' umbrella.

The move to internationalize environmental policy making did not gain serious momentum, until the 1970s. But, by 1992 governments' had adopted more than 170 environmental treaties on subjects of shared concerns, acid rain , ocean pollution, endangered species, and hazardous & unethical wastes.


Director Today | June 2019

IOD is organizing the 21st World Congress on Environment Management and Climate Change with the theme: “Collaborative Leadership for Environment Protection and Climate Change: Strategy for Creative Solutions”, during July 4-5, 2019 at Bengaluru. This provides a unique opportunity for members to network with global leaders of Climate Resilient technologies and solutions. IOD invites all stakeholders to this Convention.


Director Today | May 2019

Directors should be alert to stakeholder converns and aware of what is happening in the environment and context in which companies operate

The challenge for many boards is to understand contending interests and reconcile them with aligned business and social objectives

Collaborative Leadership is vital to address these challenges



Director Today | April 2019

29th World Congress on Leadership for Business Excellence & Innovation | 05-07 March 2019, Dubai (UAE)
Theme : Reshaping Board’s Strategy for Business Excellence through Creativity and Innovation

The thrust of the Congress is to discuss boardroom initiatives in identifying appropriate strategies for developing a team that attains business excellence. It is not necessary that if only a company can put together best of the management practioners from topmost business schools the company will attain excellence in performance. ENRON is a classic case. McKinsey & Company have observed in their survey that assembling an all-star team is no guarantee for attaining business excellence.


Director Today | March 2019

Responsible business leaders recognise that a healthy MSME Sector can make a significant contribution to employment and self-employment. Each year in India millions of young people look for activities to join the workforce.

As responsible business leaders we need to engage with younger generations upon whom the future of India depends.

The thrust of the Congress is to discuss boardroom initiatives in identifying appropriate strategies for developing a team that attains business excellence. It is not necessary that if only a company can put together best of the management practioners from topmost business schools the company will attain excellence in performance.


Director Today | February 2019

“Mumbai celebrates achievements of CSR leaders” A platform to learn and share best practices and also engaging others to integrate CSR into Business Strategy

Participants emphasized that a Board's social responsibility perspective should embrace assurance and corporate governance arrangement, management and project management practices and where possible, a company's supply and value chains. Social responsibility should be related to social needs and actions and should have visible impact on the society. All corporate activities should be socially responsible so that they can help build a closer relationship between business and society.


Director Today | January 2019

“Role of the Board is becoming more challenging & requires dedicated due diligence” Leaders and Experts vouch at the 2018 Singapore Global Convention

The Institute Of Directors (100), India organized its Annual Global Convention on 'Corporate Ethics & Risk Management' in Singapore on 5 - 7 December, 2018. The venue of the Convention was Hotel InterContinental, Singapore. The theme of this year's Annual Convention was: 'The Board's Ethics and Emerging Risk strategies In Turbulent Times'. The famed Golden Peacock Awards for 'Corporate Ethics', 'Risk Management' and Innovation Management were presented to the winners amongst business and industry, both from India & abroad, at the Golden Peacock Awards Nite held on 5th December.


Director Today | December 2018

Company's Enterprise Risk Management runs across it's both 'risk identification and mitigation' and 'exploitation of opportunity'. Cross functional teams work with marketing and public relation groups to proactively mitigate and manage reputational risks. The leading companies have three layers for defence of risk management: risk self-assessment, internal corporate audit and audit by third party auditors. In the present competitive environment no market leader can afford to have any tolerance to risks relating to compliances and frauds. Operational companies that are involved in project execution very often map the risks with risk drivers for all projects on a continuous basis. Board is expected to encourage positive thinking that the approach to risk management does not result in optimism that either leads to significant risks or exposes the companies to excessive risks.


Director Today | November 2018

The Weaker Boards are getting exposed when faced with Economic Headwinds

The widespread failure of risk management at major business corporations has captured the headlines for many years.
Robust ethics, integrity and compliance programmes are key components of any Enterprise Risk Management strategy.
Emerging technology is going to revolutionize
everything from financial system, property registries, to contract law and corporate sustainability.


Director Today | October 2018

Technology - A Business Enabler

Emerging Technologies, such as mobile communication, cloud computing, digitization, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence (IT), Data Analytics, Internet of Things, and blockchain are changing the way work is done, and workplace organized. Never before so many technological trends have matured and converged at the same time, changing the playing field itself. These are poised to deliver enormous productivity gains.


Director Today | September 2018

With evolution of new technologies, a hailstorm of regulatory & management challenges, rising global economic uncertainties, trade wars etc, today Boards are increasingly under pressure for good Corporate Governance and Sustainability.

IOD India is at the forefront of defining Board’s Transformational Strategy for ensuring corporate sustainability in the turbulent global economy. IOD’s London Global Convention 2018 on “Corporate Governance and Sustainability” is being organized with the theme “Board’s Transformational Strategy for Building a Sustainability Paradigm”. The objective of the Convention is to provide a deeper understanding of the individual elements that combine to create an effective corporate governance framework, as well as to provide thought leadership on various topical issues of governance and sustainability.


Director Today | August 2018

Ecosystems across the globe are collapsing under adverse Climate Change

The Congress discussed the turbulent and difficult climate situation being faced in the world and what needs to be done. It was pointed out that 7100 companies are working on GHG Reduction programme through energy efficiency, application of renewable energy technologies, and innovations and solutions that require a focus on aspects and issues requiring enhanced material, energy efficiencies and recycling. Climate risk was considered an important element in financial budgets. It was emphasized that new models of organizational leadership need to evolve. Businesses should support eco-innovation under ecoentrepreneurship programme and should promote sustainability enabling technologies.


Director Today | July 2018

Shortly, some of the Senior Government Policy Makers, leading business and thought leaders will be joining together in New Delhi, to discuss market solutions for green economy model, and also to indentify Board's role and responsibilities for Sustainability. The recent trends in 'Global Warming' are alarming. Antarctica ice is melting faster than ever. ‘Climate Change' is becoming a major life-threatening challenge of our time. The weather seems to be getting wilder and fiercer. From devastating hurricanes to raging wildfires, droughts, ruinous floods, extreme temperatures, high pollution levels and most importantly worst water crisis in its history. Now Business Risk from Climate Change has become a top priority, on every Board agenda.


Director Today | June 2018

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) represents a commitment from both parties to strengthen ties, increase knowledge transfer and boost connectivity with the Dubai-based Indian business community, and identify further areas of collaboration to increase trade.

Bilateral trade between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and India has risen from $182 million in 1982 to approximately $53 billion in 2017, a growth trend expected to continue in the coming years.


Director Today | May 2018

The Convention attracted senior policy makers, academicians and professionals from all over the globe, especially from India and UAE. The participants observed that traditionally, transformative leadership has been related to taking an organization through a particular transformation process from one condition or situation to another. In many sectors today, organizations face multiple challenges and unprecedented opportunities as result of improvements in connectivity, scientific breakthroughs, new business models and more affordable and disruptive technologies opening up new possibilities for adaptation, innovation, reinvention and change. It is necessary to face a combination of challenges that require creativity and innovative responses and much rethinking about individual ambitions and corporate aims and purposes.


Director Today | April 2018

Brace for Digitally enabled Boards in future Independent Directors must stand up before Corporate Governance becomes DEAD
The storms we are going to face in coming years are going to be SEVERER than anything we have seen before.

Only the truely transparent have a chance to survive.


Director Today | March 2018

India's living Legend in Judiciary Hon'ble Justice M.N. Venkatachaliah, National Chairman, IOD , India & former Chief Justice of India receives an emotional standing ovation from a packed hall of over 450 business participants for his thought provoking & inspiring address He also presented Golden Peacock Awards along with Four Senior Most settings Judges of High Court of Karnataka in Bengaluru


Director Today | February 2018

CSR is taking deeper roots and companies are contributing a great deal, in a number of cases more than the mandatory 2% profit of previous year. Whereas at one time many companies had objected to mandatory provision of 2% in the Companies Act 2013, but gradually even those Companies for whom mandatory provision of the Act is not applicable are now undertaking CSR activities in a serious manner. By broadening the scope of activities under Schedule VII the government has facilitated the corporate world to become a partner in government's programme. A glowing example is of construction of toilets under CSR programme. Over the last two years larger percentage of CSR allocations have been made and spent on construction of toilets.


Director Today | January 2018

IOD's First Distinguished Fellow from ASEAN Region conferred upon Mr. Peter Seah Lim Huat, Chairman, DBS Group Holdings & DBS Bank and also Chairman, Singapore Airlines, Singapore Health Services Pte Ltd, during IOD India's first ever ‘Singapore Global Convention on Corporate Ethics & Risk Management’ held from 14th - 15th December-2017 in Singapore.

Considering Global uncertainty, Global competition, Fast paced technology and Changing consumer behaviour, its a challenge for business but also an opportunity. Most of the participants & experts stressed upon implementing a robust Risk Management Framework with Innovative Strategy is very much essential to protect your bottom line and reputation.


Director Today | December 2017

Building an Ethical & Risk Resilient Enterprise

India, as the fastest growing major economy, the country has tremendous potential to use opportunities around the world for companies to source in India and for India companies to sell abroad. India has also proved extremely resilient, despite economic and potential uncertainties globally. At the same time there is a necessity for the corporations in India and global today, to manage risks, both internal & eternal, and stand resilient to evolving global circumstances.


Director Today | November 2017

Mr. N. Chandrababu Naidu, Hon'ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh State, India receives Golden Peacock Award for Leadership along with other global leaders in London.

IOD, India organised the 17th London Global Convention, 2017 on Corporate Governance and Sustainability with the theme: “The Board: Emerging Issues of Corporate Governance and Sustainability Challenges”, during last week of October 2017. over 350 Global Business Leaders, Experts, Board Members and policy makers joined together.


Director Today | October 2017

Business has changed as never before.

Today, Corporate Boards have moved away from a Rubber Stamp to a Strategy Oriented monitoring organisation.


Director Today | September 2017

The Golden Peacock Award for Leadership in Economic Transformation conferred upon

Mr. Amitabh Kant IAS, Chief Executive Officer, NITI Aayog, (The National Institution for Transforming India), Leading Think Tank of the Government of India
during the last Directors' Conclave in New Delhi

The Global Economy is witnessing significant economic changes and India is on the cusp of unprecedented reforms. With ongoing reforms like GST, Digital India, Smart cities, Start Ups and Make in India, India continues to remain one of the fastest growing economy in the world.


Director Today | August 2017

India's Supreme Court Judge Hon'ble Justice Kurian Joseph said

"Environmental Protection had become a matter of great concern for Human Rights and the right to live with dignity"

while addressing a gathering of corporate delegates at the 19th Annual World Congress on Environment Management on 7th July 2017, in Hyderabad (India).

World Bank also recognises that India is a now a global front runner in the fight against Climate Change.


Director Today | July 2017

Mind Boggling Reform that will Reshape India's $2 Trillion Economy

India under the Leadership of Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is set to dramatically reshape Asia's third-largest economy with the biggest tax reform (GST) since independence.

This is something that neither the EU nor the US has been able to achieve thus far.


Director Today | June 2017

In a mission towards Developing more effective Board Directors Institute of Directors, India trains CIDCO and IRCON Boards last month

A fragmented and piecemeal approach to climate change, can be a recipe for disaster. World leaders have concluded that environmental concerns cannot be viewed in isolation, and we need to reconcile economic and environmental interests.

"As per our Hon'ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi 'It would be a "crime" to spoil the environment for future generations'."


Director Today | May 2017

IOD organized Dubai Global Convention 2017 | 18th - 20th April 2017 at Dubai (UAE).

"Change or you will be changed"
the Buzz word at the Dubai Global Convention 2017, which was attended by more than 450 participants, 160 leading organisations from India and other countries.


Director Today | April 2017

"Driving Performance Excellence through Disruptive Innovation & Visionary Leadership"
Join the Leader & Global Experts at the Dubai Global Convention 2017 | 18th - 20th April 2017, Dubai (UAE)


Director Today | March 2017

IOD organized Global Convention on "Corporate Ethics and Risk Management" during 17-18 February, 2017 at Mumbai. Integrity and Ethical conduct were emphasized as a must for creating a suitable risk management framework. Knowing what the right thing to do is and being able to act as a role model is the key criteria for selection and appointment of business leaders. Swami Vivekanand commented alout risk as "if you manage risk and succeed you arc a leader and others follow you. If you fail then you have lot of experience to convey to others".


Director Today | February 2017

The Convention brought on a platform participants from different parts of the world who emphasized on socially responsible investments by focusing on governments priorities of social development. The Convention deliberated on inclusive growth and the role of CSR expenditures in promoting inclusivity. The conventionwas organized at a time when it was projected that one per cent of the rich in the country have the ownership of 51% of the assets and this disparity has become worse in the last ten years when the one percent richest were owning about 35% of the assets in the country. A deep concern was expressed on emerging disparity in the country along with the economic growth. CSR route was considered important in empowering the poor and the unskilled so that they can have a larger share of assets emerging out of the economic growth. CSR expenditure is aimed at improvingskills and employability.


Director Today | January 2017

Building capacity within the accountancy community to support India's Smart Cities Mission - A Research and Knowledge paper

During the last two decades CSR has evolved from a simple philanthropic activity to integrating business interests with the community in which it operates, exhibiting social, environmental and ethically 'responsible behavior in governess of business, generating values and long term sustainability'. Most companies have long practiced some form of corporate social and environmental responsibility with the broad goal simply of contributing to the well-being of the communities and society they affect, and on which they depend. But there is increasing pressure to dress up CSR as a business discipline, and demand that every initiative deliver business results. The corporations of today are no longer sheer economic entities, but engines of social transformation. The greatest challenge for directors is to value diversity, remove disparities, and manage discontinuation.


Director Today | December 2016

CSR activities are now making greater impact on the social development of people at the bottom of the pyramid
The Government of India has made special provisions to utilize CSR funds for skills development, social entrepreneurship, social business development, spread of digitization; and the programmes relating to 'Swacch Bharat' and 'Cleaning of Rivers'. This transformational change involves industry and business, in national social development programs.


Director Today | November 2016

Boards Evolving Role in an Uncertain Global Ecocnomy
The crisis at Tata Group of Companies has created turmoil in the Indian industry both in terms of its operations on the Stock Exchange as well as the application of corporate governance principles. All the top management schools are working in the top gear to conduct case studies on different aspects of governance at Tata Group of Companies. It has no more remained a closed single corporate issue but will set forth a large number of issues on how in a well managed reputed corporate governance many of the corporate governance issues can be dealt with in a manner that can be questioned at later point of time.


Director Today | October 2016

Role of Board: Cyber Security and Risk Governance - A wake up call for Directors.
The boards are central to the governance of companies, and their basic governance responsibilities remain more or less the same across the world. As trustees of the shareholders, the boards play a key role in providing direction to the companies in terms of approving the strategy, maintain their integrity, enhancing their performance, and ensuring that the companies operate in the best interests of the shareholders and other stakeholders. Given the complexity of today's corporate structures and rapid changes that are occurring in the economy and the market, this is no mean task. Adding to these complexities are the heightened expectations of the shareholders and the enhanced regulatory requirements that demand more accountability and transparency- all of which are creating new challenges for the boards.


Director Today | September 2016

It's Time to Raise a Toast to Goodwill & Good Times

India has launched a major initiative under the title: Digital India. It is projected that the basic aim of undertaking such an exercise is to bring in transparency and effectiveness in government functioning. In other words itisan effort to provide best services at lowest cost to the common man and at the same time remove hassles for him. Large data dealing is also basically important for business operating in the globalised economy. Data generation in one part, its analysis, storage and retrieval is the otherside ofthe story. Both ofthese elements are equally important and the big data has relevance and significance only if it is backed-up with appropriate analytics.


Director Today | August 2016

A Report on - 18th World Congress on Environment Management 2016, New Delhi

Sustainable Economy has been invoked for the reason that efforts to control erosion of natural resources have not been successful. Keeping in view the serious concern for Sustainable Economy, 100 organized 18th World Congress on Environment Management with the theme "Environment and Climate Change: Transitioning to a Sustainable Economy". The Congress was organized with the objective to promote transformational leadership for climate change mitigation and adaptation in the spirit of Paris Climate Change Agreement and Sustainable Development Agenda


Director Today | July 2016

Gender shouldn’t decide the position but competence should ?

Board Rooms should be gender neutral. WOMEN should be judged in terms of their intellect and strategy building skills. Firm decision making in board rooms must be complimented with listening capacity. Individual at leadership roles arrive there by Facing Challenges, Overcoming Obstacles and Competition Irrespective of Gender”.

says Mrs. Meenakshi Lekhi, Hon'ble Member Parliament for New Delhi, Govt. of India

dt-june-2016 Director Today | June 2016

How we respond to this crisis will greatly impact both current and future generations and all other species ?
How should companies react to undertakings made by Governments of jurisdictions in which they are registered and/or operate ?

Board Diversity and Gender Equality - on 4th June IOD and ICSI are organizing a Seminar in Delhi on Board Diversity with the theme: “Driving a Sustainable Organisation through Board Diversity”. The Seminar will identify a number of areas of promise and concern as regards the impact of Board Diversity in organization building. The most important part of the discussion will be on strategizing policy to practice which focuses on ethical and effective implementation of corporate governance agenda. Gender diversity in boardrooms and its impact will also be discussed but not in isolation. Gender diversity remains an important element. In practice, gender diversity is equated to gender parity or women's equality.

dt-may-2016 Director Today | May 2016

This Convention attracted a large number of experts from different parts of the world who focused on the need for the directors and boards to take positive and proactive steps on the basis of learnings from failures and mistakes.

Boards need to be careful that the Company benchmark its performance against where people are likely to be at the time of implementation as decisions based on managers. The present situation will be like rear-view driving, that does not bring in the visionary outlook. The participants also cautioned that Copy-Cat following of models of other companies can bring in condemnation of one being a follower that is forever behind the leader. Boards believing in business excellence need to go beyond the present successful companies and provide leadership.

dt-april-2016 Director Today | April 2016

IndianOil Nominee Directors get trained through Masterclass for Directors also IOD signs MOU with University of Queensland, Australia to strengthen ties with Corporate and Industry.

Recently, Institute of Directors conducted Inhouse training programmes for Indian Oil Nominee and Executive Directors and also Independent Directors of SREI Infrastructure Finance Ltd. Building Core Competencies and motivated Workforce through training has been identified as one of the opportunity areas of greatest strength in these Organizations.

dt-march-2016 Director Today | March 2016

"The time is Ripe to integrate CSR as part of a Business Strategy” says Mrs. Rajashree Birla, Chairperson, Aditya Birla Centre for Community Initiatives and Rural Development, Aditya Birla Group

The global financial crisis of 2008 was a turning point for emphasis on board effectiveness. Criticism of company boards invariably intensified during the period from 2008 to say 2014 after the things went wrong on a large scale. Various surveys indicated that many of the companies whose corpses littered the industrial and financial landscape were undermined by neglecting, over optimistic or illinformed boards prior to the financial crisis and the ensuing deep recession. Not surprisingly, subsequently there has been a renewed focus on improved corporate governance; better structures; more rigorous checks and balances and greater independence of non-executive directors.

dt-february-2016 Director Today | February 2016

IOD organized 10th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility in Mumbai during 5th-6th February 2016

A number of success case studies reflected as to how the Boards have played effective role in making CSR relevant for social development. New standards for measuring effectiveness of CSR programmes were presented which makes CSR an effective tool of development. Companies Act 2013 has mandated CSR allocations at 2% of profit after tax, but major companies are observed to be doing much more than the mandatory minimum. As the Boards are taking cognizance and emphasizing on monitoring and reporting, the CSR is seen as route an important pathway for inclusive growth.

dt-january-2016 Director Today | January 2016

Building Boards for Future | 21st January 2016 New Delhi

The 21st century is being marked by rapid changes in technologies and the future cannot be predicted accurately. Risk Management should be embedded in the culture of the board and its also important to periodically train Corporate Directors and Managers in Risk Management

dt-december-2015 Director Today | December 2015

Managing Risk by the Board. Focus on Risk Management is a top governance priority for any business today.

As per the recent study, gradually most of the Boards of Directors are devoting more time to risk management by aligning corporate strategy with the organization’s risk profile, than it did few years ago. In the wake of numerous high-profile cases over the recent years, an active Risk Management is essential at the Board level.

dt-november-2015 Director Today | November 2015

The Convention provided an opportunity to network and discuss the changes in corporate governance laws and practices in different countries and their impact; as well as the likely impact of call for sustainability. Whereas frauds have moved governments to make stricter corporate governance laws but the misbehavior of companies leading to frauds have continued thereby requiring continuous revisions in law for ensuring ethical compliance. The participants expressed strong opinion that laws are sufficiently structured to take care of corporate misbehavior. However, overloading of agenda of corporate governance laws must be avoided.

dt-october-2015 Director Today | October 2015

Fraud, Pillage and Risk the Need for Vigilance

Financial resources are a key constraint that organizations have to manage. Sustainability has further heightened pressure to balance financial performance with social and environmental performance. Sustainable organizations achieve long-term economic performance, while generating positive value for society and minimizing their environmental impact. Management accounting aligns sustainability activities with strategy, by linking them to business drivers and the business model.

dt-september-2015 Director Today | September 2015

Global Leaders & Experts to address 2015 London Global Convention

IOD's London Global Convention on Corporate Governance and Sustainability during 7th-9th October, 2015 will be an opportunity for evolving the way forward and finding out appropriate strategies and approaches for future successful growth of global economy.

dt-august-2015 Director Today | August 2015

Institute Of Directors (IOD) celebrated its Silver Jubilee in Delhi on 10th July 2015. Coinciding with its celebrations it also organised the 17th World Congress on Management with the theme “Environmental Management - Transition to a Green Economy” on 11 July, 2015 in New Delhi. The participants presented glimpses of some of the challenges emerging across the planet from poor environmental management and climate change.

dt-july-2015 Director Today | July 2015

Quality Times has now been replaced by 'Directors Today', a larger professional version, coinciding with the Silver Jubilee year of the IOD. It covers professional events, seminars, workshops, and includes articles on corporate governance from eminent industry and thought leaders.hallenges for Inclusive Growth.

qt-june-2015 Quality Times | June 2015

BOARDROOM LEADERSHIP Challenges for Inclusive Growth

Five Questions -

  • When is Comply or Explain the Right Approach ?
  • Who Should be Covered by Codes ?
  • What should Companies be Responsible for ?
  • How Diverse Should Boards Be ?
  • What are the overarching Principles of Corporate Governance ?

qt-may-2015 Quality Times | May 2015

The excellence that you recognize today with the Golden Peacock Awards is precisely the kind of excellence that we continually seek says His Highness Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan Minister of Culture, Youth and Community Development, Government of UAE, on 20th April, 2015 at IOD, India’s Dubai Global Convention in Dubai

qt-april-2015 Quality Times | April 2015

As the Global Economy continues its fast pace of change, Innovation is increasingly important. It is a critical source of competitive advantage, but necessary even just to survive.

Dr. Tim Kastelle, University of Queenland, Australia, taking special sessions for IOD Members on “Making Innovation a Competitive Advantage

qt-march-2015 Quality Times | March 2015

Human Capital remains solidly “top of mind” for CEOs as a Growth Driver ranking first among CEO challenges for the third year in a row.

CEOs articulate again this year what human capital professionals have maintained for a long time: growth is possible when a number of human capital programs, policies, and practices are in place.

qt-february-2015 Quality Times | February 2015

Highlights of IOD organised CSR Convention on the theme 'CSR - An Actionable Business Agenda', in Mumbai

Companies need to align their growth aspirations with community development, in order to create an Inclusive Society.

qt-january-2015 Quality Times | January 2015

Highlights of National Convention on Corporate Governance & Sustainability and IOD Annual Meet, 20 December 2014, Delhi.

‘Today, a Corporate is judged by its Corporate Governance standards, in whichever sector it may be operating', says Piyush Goyal, Hon'ble Union Minister of State with Independent Charge for Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy.

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