Quality Policy


ONEID is committed to comply with requirements of Quality Management Systems and continually improve its effectiveness. ONEID seeks to ensure relevancy, promptness and transparency in all its endeavours and to build and maintain professional relationship with corporates.


Services Provided to Corporates


ONEID will assist in filling up positions of Independent Directors in National & Multinational Companies. ONEID’s panel of qualified and willing Independent Directors would be of great value to the corporate world.


ONEID has developed a rich databank of Non- Executive Independent Directors, having vast experience in various disciplines, viz. Finance, Technical, IT, Marketing, HR etc. It is maintained in a manner which facilitates easy search. Its cutting edge is head hunting and selection of senior professional with diverse background.


It will work with you to recommend the type of skilled Directors you need to promote the growth of your business and organization. It will provide candidate screening and short-listing support to help match skills and work experience required of Independent Directors.


Services Provided To Directorship Applicants


IOD undertakes skill development and professional training to help them prepare to be on the Board as Independent Directors.


ONEID will maintain their profiles and proactively share the same with the corporates on a lookout for Independent Directors.