Institute Of Directors


Institute of Directors was established on 12 July 1990 in India, as an apex association of Directors to improve their professional competence. It was soon obvious, that it had a far wider remit. From the personal development of Directors, it soon embraced boardroom development as a whole, and then organization-wide transformation. IOD India since has grown to associate with more than thousands of senior executives representing prominent organisations from both the Private & Public and Govt worldwide.

IOD aims to be a leading business professionals club with the highest ethical standards that delivers exceptional values for its members, employees and stakeholders. We have a different vision of leadership: a leader is someone who brings people together. We work on earning your trust and delivering you the best services possible.

IOD India's 'Masterclass for Directors’, the training for corporate directorship and Golden Peacock Awards in 13 different disciplines and other flagship initiatives aim to improve the competitiveness of individual Directors and their Organizations. The 'Masterclass' programme prepares participants to become Independent Directors of listed companies. Both have become global benchmarks. No business award today receives the kind of recognition and adulation among peers that the Golden Peacock does.

The IOD India's activities extend from training, monthly lectures to Workshops, National and International Conferences on issues such as Quality, Environment, Climate Change, Occupational Health and Safety, Corporate Governance, Cyber Security, Competition Law, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, held in India and abroad.



About ONEID (Organisation for Non-Executive Independent Directors)


• It is a wing of the Institute Of Directors mandated to look after the interests of Independent Directors, by grouping them for networking and training. It also promotes and maintains a panel of qualified and willing Independent Directors for placement on corporate boards.

• It is in the interest of companies to ensure that Independent Directors bring in the requisite expertise and knowledge to the boards. Independent Directors are seminal to a company and provide a fresh outlook and balanced approach to decision-making process of the boards. The Masterclass for Directors programme imparts knowledge, skills and attitude to fulfil their basic requirement.

• The Companies Act, 2013 envisages a slew of changes to the law governing the functioning as well as social responsibilities of corporates, and makes it mandatory for all listed public companies to have at least one-third of the total number of directors as Independent Directors. Central Government may prescribe the minimum number of Independent Directors for any class or classes of public companies. This requires maintaining of a panel of Independent Directors, for their placement.

• It is a platform both for the professionals to submit their profiles in an easy-to-fill online format for empanelment as Independent Directors, and for the Corporates to reach out to them through a simple search mechanism.



  • To maintain and update the criteria, norms and standards for qualified Independent Directors.
  • To maintain a panel of qualified and willing Independent Directors, who meet the criteria laid down by the IOD, in addition to those specifically prescribed by the Ministry of Corporates Affairs.
  • To obtain the requirements of companies and other organizations, and match them with the aspirants available in the Qualified Panel of ONEID’s database of Independent Directors.
  • To provide professional and non-partisan advice concerning boardroom evaluation and practices to the companies, as well as to the Independent Directors.
  • To provide all other services, including networking of Independent Directors and keeping them acquainted with changes in the corporate laws and rules, and about corporate governance and boardroom practices.



  • A powerful online job search tool
  • Easily access the pool of good candidates empanelled by the Expert Committee of ONEID

Who would benefit


  • Corporates that are on the lookout for eligible and suitable personnel for independent directorship, who are aware of the requirements of an independent director and who can also contribute to the growth of the company .
  • Qualified and eligible professionals, who are willing to be Independent Directors on Corporate Boards .



ONEID as a specialized arm of the Institute Of Directors, aspire to look after specific interests of Independent Corporate Directors on a long term basis.



The Mission of ONEID is to act as an association of Independent Directors, looking into their specific needs for training and assist them in empanelment and placement as Independent Directors in corporate boards of Public or Private sector organizations, NGOs and Societies. It shall also represent Independent Directors as a group in various government and official fora and lobby for them, if required, with government and the media.



Indentify and address special networking and training of Independent Directors of large, MSME, Public or Private organizations and achieve excellence in their performance through professional development.

Execution Process

ONEID has set up a top-level Expert Committee:

  • For consideration and screening of the applications received for registration on ONEID panel.
  • To make sector segmentation of applications, received for registration.
  • To activate approved profiles on
  • To link the empanelled applications with placement requests from varied Corporates, NGOs etc.