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Book Review - Indias Pathways to Success

India's Pathways to Success: Winning in the Next Decade is a compilation of essays by some of the best minds in India. It takes an optimist's view and uses a lens of success to view the past, examine the present and identify torches that can shine into the darkness of the unknown and determine robust pathways for the future.

It delves into the following pertinent themes:

(1•) Where does India stand today economically, socially and politically, 75 years after Independence? Where should it aspire to go from here in the next 25 years as it touches the milestone of 100 years of Independence in 2047?
(2•) Should India become a manufacturing powerhouse to rival China? Or should it stay content with services and become the Information Superpower of the world?
(3•) What about pursuing new opportunities in agriculture, healthcare and other segments to become the world's best user of technology to create globally best in class industries?
(4•) Can a new wave of research and innovation be unleashed to transform urban and rural habitats where high quality education and skills are available to create sustainable livelihoods through employment and entrepreneurship?
(5•) Will India be able to achieve the target of a $5 trillion GDP in the foreseeable future? What about our pathways to achieve social harmony and see ourselves emerge as proud Indians in a thriving democracy?

It is an interesting and highly engaging book; relevant for all business professionals.


Mr. Ejaz Ghani

Mr. Ejaz Ghani

He is currently senior fellow at the Pune International Centre. He was the World Bank's lead economist previously, having worked on corporate strategy, independent evaluation units in East and South Asia, and Africa. He contributes economic opinion columns to a number of prominent publications and has edited several books, including Reshaping Tomorrow: Is South Asia Ready for the Big Leap? (2011) and The Poor Half Billion in South Asia: What is Holding Back Lagging Regions? (2010). Prior to joining the World Bank, he taught economics at St. Anne's College (Oxford University) and Shri Ram College of Commerce (Delhi University). He is also an Inlaks scholar.

Dr. Ganesh Natarajan

Dr. Ganesh Natarajan

He is a trustee and founding member of the Pune International Centre. He is also the executive chairman and founder of digital investing, consulting, and skills platforms 5F World and Global Talent Track. He is also the board chair of Honeywell Automation India Limited and the Lighthouse Communities Foundation. He led APTECH for 10 years and Zensar Technologies as vice chairman and CEO until early 2016. He is a former chairman of NASSCOM and SVP India, and he was president of the HBS Club of India. He has a PhD from IIT Bombay and an AMP from Harvard Business School and has co-authored 12 previous books on technology, leadership, and economic growth.

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