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Book Review - Boardroom Blueprint: Boost your Career with a Board Seat in 60 Days

'Boardroom Blueprint: Boost Your Career with a Board Seat in 60 Days' by Callum Laing is an empowering and strategic guide designed for professionals eager to fasttrack their career by securing a seat on a corporate board. Drawing from his extensive experience in business and entrepreneurship, the author offers a clear, actionable pathway to achieving this significant career milestone in just two months.

The author's approach is both practical and motivational, making the book an engaging read. The book distills the authors' extensive experience into a straightforward five component methodology, challenging conventional career advancement methods. It is a compact, easy-to digest book, brimming with actionable insights, real-life case studies, and powerful calls to action.

The book outlines three essential steps for individuals aspiring to join their first board. The author emphasizes the importance of adding tangible value to boards beyond mere diversity. He suggests strategies such as forming advisory boards comprising diverse talents and holding founders accountable for their promises, thereby fostering accountability and driving positive change within organisations. He also explains how connecting companies to new clients, partners and investors can be hugely beneficial.

This book is the ultimate roadmap for those determined to secure a coveted position at the table, boosting not only their careers but also their personal wealth.


Mr. Callum Laing

Mr. Callum Laing

He is an entrepreneur, investor and bestselling author with business interests spanning the globe. He built a business to train the next generation of values based leaders, providing them with the keys to the boardroom. More than 250,000 people follow his content on business, investing & boardroom success across multiple networks.

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