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Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are crucial for the economic growth and stability of any country and play a vital role especially for developing countries as they facilitate economic activity and provide employment, thus contributing to poverty reduction. In the Indian context, with over 30% contribution to GDP and employing more than 11.1 crore people (the second largest after agriculture), the MSME can be considered as the backbone of national economy.

One of the prime challenges faced by the sector today is lack of adequate and timely access to finance. Over 78% of MSMEs rely on self-financing to meet their credit requirements. In this year’s Union Budget, Rs 3794 crores have been earmarked for MSMEs for credit support, innovation, and capital interest subsidy. Further, the amount is also expected to ease cash flow challenges.

It is beyond doubt that MSME sector has to reflect on strong ethical corporate governance practices and financial reporting procedures to overcome the problems of access to funding, availability of skilled labor and technology, infrastructure and raw materials etc.

Institute Of Directors, India realizes the demands of this ever-growing sector and intends to undertake a host of capacity building initiatives, targeted at the MSMEs.

At IOD, we appreciate the diversity and the challenges of the MSME sector; and we aim to address them through a portfolio of activities spanning from training to specialized award system.


The Vision of MSME Centre is to facilitate MSMEs in the country to become globally competitive enterprises contributing to significant increase in India’s exports and at the same time providing greater employment opportunities through good corporate governance and cost effective technologies and techniques.


The Mission is to create a platform for MSMEs for appropriate training on management principles, practices, and providing opportunities for networking with global and national industries resulting in business growth; enhancement of managerial skills and competencies through exposure to globally benchmarked practices of other industries.


The prime objectives will be as follows:
  1. To provide a common platform for advocacy on ethical corporate governance issues.
  2. To provide training on skills in specific areas relating to management practices for cost effective operations, financing and board direction.
  3. To create opportunities for networking with large, medium, small and micro industries from India and abroad through conferences/conventions of IOD and specific conferences for MSMEs.
  4. To create dedicated information exchange system for MSMEs.

MSME Spotlight News letter
January 2019

MSME Spotlight News letter
December 2018

We aim to enable capacity building through:
  • Training and interactions such as seminars and workshops;
  • Engaging in documentation and research on MSMEs practices;
  • Encouraging cluster development initiatives;
  • Using our pivotal crosscutting position to create synergy among various facets of the MSME sector.
To achieve the aforesaid objectives, following activities will be undertaken:
  • A curated newsletter for MSME Sector
  • Specialized Training for MSME Directors & other Personnel
  • Golden Peacock Award for Business Excellence
  • IOD Membership for Micro Enterprises
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