1. SEBI Guidance Note on Board Evaluation
  1. SEBI unleashes a new Era of Corporate Governance
  1. Performance Evaluation of Boards and Directors
  1. Risk Management and the Board of Directors - An Indian Perspective
Board & Directors' Performance Evaluation
Improving the effectiveness of the Board is a priority for leading organizations everywhere.

IOD has developed tools to assess the effectiveness of boards which combines survey as well as one-on-one interview results to produce a fact-base of improvement opportunities.

We help you identify and surmount the barriers impeding your Board’s effectiveness through Specialised Advisory, Consultancy & Training Services. Our well recognized and industry leading evaluation programmes can be tailored to suit your objectives and are known to impact performance positively. You can also count on us to streamline your existing evaluation procedures by facilitating the use of industry benchmarked assessment tools.

The IOD Edge

Detailed Workflow

Parameters of Performance Evaluation
Board Structure, diversity &
skill matrix
Board's Compliance with its legal, regulatory & fiduciary responsibilities Stakeholders Relationship Management
Risk Management &
Internal controls
Dynamics & Functioning Board Committees - Structure, functioning & effectiveness
Oversight of management performance, compensation & succession planning Corporate Governance compliance status & disclosures Compliance Calendar
All information that is provided to us, either from our referral partners or our clients, is held under strict confidentiality, at all times
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